Gunpowder Trot – Horsham Fun Run 6th Nov 16


14 Henfield Joggers completed the inaugural Horsham Joggers Gunpowder Trot this morning.  A very hilly but scenic course of 4.5 miles enlivened by some cows attempting to join the race!  A few of us were still suffering marathon legs after last weeks Beachy Head (well that’s my excuse anyway!).  Congratulations to Ashleigh Bradley for completing her first WSFRL event and thanks to Andy James for organising our team entry.


Angmering Bluebell 10 Mile Trail Run 24th April 16

A perfect morning for this, probably the most beautiful run I have done.  Simply stunning scenery and any run starting and finishing in a pub garden has to be good!  Well done to all who did both the 10 mile and the 10k. A huge turnout for Henfield. Sorry I missed getting pics of the 10k folk, hopefully somebody can add some in.  Also for missing Andy ,Fiona and anybody else I missed out. Particular well done to Kerry for her first ten mile event.

10 mile results:

1 1:02:38 Mark Furth
2 1:23:19 Dave Razzell
3 1:29:43 David King
4 1:36:58 Nikki Hargrave
5 1:39:31 Andy James
6 1:40:27 Emma Smith
7 1:40:28 Gill Hamilton-Orr
8 1:48:20 Mandy Kianfar
9 1:48:20 Liz Pamment
10 1:49:52 Tina Hawkins
11 1:50:30 Kim Murfin
12 1:51:14 Sue Spiers
13 1:51:15 Lorna Winter
14 1:52:13 Fiona Turton
15 1:58:48 Kerry Bonham
16 2:14:56 Suzie James

10k results:

2 59:43 Rachel Larking
3 1:03:31 Rebecca Furth
4 1:05:47 Caroline King

Mel’s Milers 10k Race Report. Sun 3rd Apr 16

A great turnout of 10 Henfield Joggers this year for this lovely route starting in the very impressive Christs Hospital School then following the downslink to Southwater, then a lap of Southwater country park, circling the lake then back along the downslink.  All off road but mainly flat with a few undulations. Good medal and jelly babies at the end!

Results (chip time):

Dave       49.06

Nikki       59.34

Gill          59.38

Mickey  1.01.11

Mandy  1.01.36

Liz       1.03.12

Lorna   1.03.20

Kirsty   1.06.26

Fiona    1.08.26

Cynthia 1.30.35




Surrey Spitfire/Tempest Race Report

This was my first Surrey Spitfire/Tempest. The course is one lap of 10 miles for the Tempest and two laps (20) for the Spitfire. It takes in the Top Gear test track at Dunsfold for the first two miles then veers off into the countryside but all on road. When you drive in you are directed straight onto the test track. I resisted the temptation to floor it and do a lap!

I had entered the 20 but recovering from a cold (yes, another one) and having ‘accidentally’ done a fairly quick 11 miles with the club on Saturday morning (how did that happen? I only set out to do a gentle 5 miles then cut back) I decided soon into the race to pull out at 10 and just enjoy the run. Running with ‘I’m not going for a time’ Daren, I naively assumed that as he was doing 20 I could stay with his pace for 10. After 3 miles at 8 minute mile pace I soon realised I wasn’t up to it and let him go. It was a beautiful route on a perfect morning, quite hilly but I prefer that to flat. I was quite surprised as I came in at 1.31 to see Daren who had pulled out with a dodgy knee after doing the 10 in 1.20. We also saw Chris and Terry who both carried on for the 20 miles. I may have picked up a new recruit from Wineham en route who was very interested in Henfield Joggers. Hopefully we’ll see him soon.


Heron Way Trail 10k – Horsham 4th Oct 15

Expecting to be the only Henfield Jogger at this event I was pleasantly surprised to find 6 others there, Mark and Rebecca, Caroline and Dave and Mick and Cynthia. This was the inaugral event and one that I’m sure will be firmly on our calendar for next year.  The route is all off road and very hilly (total climb of 300 ft) passing through the beautiful pine trees of St Leonards Forest. It was very well organised with the help of Horsham Joggers.  The ample helpings of jelly babies en route from the marshals was a great bonus, as was the free cake at the end. Well done to Mark for taking first place. Results to follow.



Results (128 runners):

1 Mark Firth 40.44

44 Dave Razzell 52.43

56 David King  54.13

74 Caroline King 59.35

92 Rebecca Furth  1.05.24

104 Michael Dee 1.09.05

128 Cynthia Dee 1.41.26


Barns Green Half Marathon – Dave’s Report

Ten Henfield Joggers took part in the Barns Green Half Marathon today.  I think it would be fair to say that despite the almost perfect running conditions we all found it pretty tough.  Darren and Ralph both suffered calf muscle problem with Ralph having to pull out around 5 miles in. I suffered shoulder problems (strangely my legs were fine) and could hardly lift my arms, let alone turn the steering wheel driving home.  However it was a lovely route and brilliantly organised.  The crowds were great and there was even a steel band playing on one corner.  I think we all enjoyed it in retrospect, though if you asked us just after finishing you may have got a very different answer!  Before and after photos below (after courtesy of Emma)



Pub Run. Sayers Common 14th May 2015

20150513_201336(1)20150513_20141420150513_20145220150513_201412Another great pub run on a perfect evening.  This time from the Duke of York at Sayers Common.  Well done Hugh for finding yet another scenic route.  The food at the pub afterwards was excellent.


Mel’s Milers 10k Sun 29th Mar

Having missed the deadline for Cranleigh, I found this local 10k which seemed to have largely missed the club radar.  Expecting to be the only Henfield Jogger there I was pleased to see Jackie who was running with a group for the Alzheimers Society.

The race starts in the central square of the spectacular Christs Hospital school.  After a circuit of the grounds, it’s along the downslink to Southwater, a circuit of Southwater Country Park, then back along the downslink.  It’s mainly flat other than some small hills in Southwater and a good, firm, mainly off road surface.  I’ve been suffering from a heavy cold since Wednesday and did 11 miles with the Saturday morning group (madness) so wasn’t expecting a good time.  However conditions were perfect and having gone through the first mile in 8.13 and the second in 8.23 I was feeling motivated to keep the pressure on and managed to keep a consistent pace right through. I missed the Henfield ‘rivalry’ but there was plenty from my other clubs of Horsham and Lingfield.  I finished in 52.09 and Jackie came in at 55.34

This was a very well organised race with 300 runners. Chip timing, medals and prizes (BTW, How about a prize for the first runner over 14 stone?  I’m sure I could win that seeing all these skinny runners ahead!)  A nice scenic route despite the drizzle and good surfaces.  I’d certainly recommend it for next year.

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Hacking through the undergrowth

A mild winter, plenty of water, warm spring and sunny summer seem to have inspired the local flora and fauna to new heights! On Wednesday evening we ran from the White Horse at Maplehurst and had to hack our way through some of the local trails! Dave tried to capture the scenes, which give you a really good idea of the state of the WSCC footpath, which you can see here!

Amanda’s legs gained lumps all over with the nettles, Terry’s were scratched to bleeding from brambles, and poor Mandy really suffered when she fell backwards into a hole, filled with (you guessed) nettles!