Handicap 2020/21

The 2020/21 is a change to the norm, becoming a ‘virtual’ event. Rather than turn up and run one of the official routes at 7:15pm on the first Wednesday of the month, runners have free rein to compete however they want.

The competition will take place over the usual months – starting in September and ending in June and the best six runs will count towards the final total.

The basic (and they are basic) rules are:

  • Run any route of 3.6 miles at least once in a month (you can run as many times as you want, but submit the fastest);
  • Submit your time, along with a screenshot from Strava, your watchface, or some other time recording.

All submitted times will be recorded and points awarded in the normal way for the Handicap. The person who is fastest against their best ‘most recent’ time scores 20 points, the next fastest 19 and so on. Two points are awarded each month for taking part.

Good luck everyone, and may the best person win!