October’s Handicap Results

October’s Handicap results are now in and can be found at the Handicap Results Page.

This month’s 20 points went to Jonathon Edwards, and there’s a three way tie at the top in these early stages. Still all to play for.



Handicap is back for 2021/22 – 1st September 2021

The Handicap is a longstanding tradition, and a club competition that anyone can win, no matter how slow or fast you think you might be.

Running between September and June you enter one (3.6 mile) run a month and score points for how well you’ve done against your most recent best time.

There is a timed actual event which takes place on the first Wednesday of every month at HLC as part of Club Night. But, following Covid, you can also submit any run of 3.6 miles you do in the month.

The person with the biggest improvement in the month scores 20 points, the next 19 and so on. Two points are scored for turning up, and your best 7 scores for the year count.

There’s a trophy, and almost unmeasurable glory to be had, and anyone can win. You know you want to take part.

Here you can find information about the Handicap and the Rules for 2021/22:

Here are the  Handicap routes we run on Club Night.


New HJ Kit Supplier

Great news – after losing our official HJ kit supplier when Pinnacle Sports closed their whole online shopping facility abruptly during the Lockdowns, we’ve been without a means of getting those lovely green shirts and things! Well worry no more, Liz has been working overtime to find a new supplier, and I’m pleased to say that our new shop is now up and running.

We have a couple of M size samples for Vest and Tee – they seem to us to be a tiny, tiny bit smaller than the old version, so bear that in mind when ordering if you’re on the ‘sizing cusp’! See Paul if you want to see them before buying. Otherwise the quality is exactly the same.

The Kit page on the HJ website is now live again with the links to this new shop and also the Giraffe shop if you want a lovely HJ buff! And the Mini Joggers kit is on there too! Lets Green the World!

Just in time for events restarting!


December Handicap Results

December’s results are now available. This month saw Helen Harrington and Victoria Jackson taking maximum points, while Joyce Blundell extended her lead at the top of the table.

Results can be found on the Handicap Results Page.


Henfield Joggers Memorial Run

Just to give everyone something new to explore – even though parts of this may be ‘a little damp’ right now! And of course it can be walked too! This is the HJ Memorial route taking in several key Henfield Joggers landmarks – starting at Grace Wells bench at Henfield Leisure Centre, then via Brian Turrells Bridge on the Adur, and along to Stretham Bridge where the route takes in the newly created Ken Lancaster Mile Strava segment – you can find this route on Strava here


Henfield Joggers – FREE Membership in 2021

During the lockdowns of 2020 many people discovered the joy of running, and even more of us discovered the joys of eating. Whichever camp you found yourself in we are delighted to announce that we will be opening up membership to Henfield Joggers for free in the coming year of 2021! We’ve already made it FREE to existing members for 2021, so now we’re extending our arms to everyone!

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has made an impact not only on our mental health, which exercise is proven to help with, but also an impact financially, which is why we’d like to offer membership for free for one year only.

Members of Henfield Joggers not only benefit from expertise of experienced runners, social runs (COVID-19- regulations allowing) but also many discounts on local running related businesses.

All you need to do is complete our membership form, which you can do online here, and we will confirm your membership and allow access to our closed Facebook group if you are a social media user.

New Year, New Challenge, New Club – we’re optimistic about 2021!