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Saturday 10th November

I suggest we do something slightly different on Saturday, which is this route, a favourite of some, and, having run it once, I can understand why. It starts from the A283 layby and the full distance is about 14 miles, although there is a shortcut that can reduce it to 9.

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AGM 2018

🗣🗣HJ AGM WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 28th🗣🗣 The annual HJ AGM is held at Sharky’s soft play (sorry guys no playing allowed) at 8pm after the run. Food will be provided courtesy of the club and drinks available to buy (Sharky’s has a license 😉). It’s really important that all members attend if possible- from those that have been with the club longer than they’d like to admit to our newbies who only joined last week or last month. It’s your chance to hear what’s been happening with the club over the last year and also give a input. It will also be the night the London Marathon place is drawn (rejection proof must be given to Paul Crowe in advance) and we will also be taking votes for the HJ annual awards. The categories are:
Best Beginner (anyone from this years beginner group)
Runners Runner (anyone you think has gone the extra mile to help the club)
Most Improved (as it says on the tin)
Please please come and support your club- we plan to be done and dusted within a hour and a half. Any questions fire away! Thanks, Dani

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Run for Olivia – Updated

Many will by now know that Olivia sadly lost her fight and passed away peacefully in St Barnabas House last week, making this even more important to the village. Please attend if you can, and donate if you are able.

By now everyone should have seen the Walk for Olivia campaign organised by BN5 Magazine. Henfield Joggers will also be leading a RUN for Olivia event alongside those walking – this is OPEN to EVERYONE and will be a gentle pace – it is not a race, just a symbol of togetherness with Olivia and a chance to raise much needed money for the Brain Tumour Charity. More details can be found here – please come along and take part in the event, whether running or walking doesn’t matter, just take part! And please make a donation to this great charity here:

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Three Peaks and St Barnabas House

On Wednesday evening 3rd October the curtain was drawn over the 2018 Three Peaks Challenge fundraising efforts when Jo Bacon from St Barnabas House made a presentation showing the £4039.59 raised as a result of the challenge. HUGE thanks go to not just the Walkers who had to face the challenge itself, but also to everyone who supported the event, from the Drivers, the Cakers, the Bakers, the Tea Sellers, the Sponsors and EVERYONE who played a role – you all helped make a difference, and a very proud day for the Club!!

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Saturday Morning 18th August

I suggest we do the Poynings Run on Saturday morning. It’s flat, about 12 miles and shouldn’t be overgrown. I am away next weekend, so the choice of where and how far to run is up for grabs!
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Henfield Half Marathon

Congratulations to all who ran the Henfield Half Marathon today, and to everyone who marshalled and helped out from Henfield Joggers and our extended family of friends and, Er, family!!!

A special congratulations to Catherine Verrall who completed her first half marathon today after joining the Beginners course back in April – amazing!

Henfield Leisure Centre are the organisers of this event but here is a copy of the results, since we as a club produced them for Simon, the Leisure Centre Manager, who can be contacted at

Henfield Half Marathon 2018

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Saturday Morning 11th August

Now the weather is cooler longer runs are more feasible on Saturday mornings and this route is just over 12 miles. It also follows much of the half marathon course that can therefore be checked out before the race on Sunday.

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Saturday Morning 4th August

I was going to suggest another route across the Turrell bridge on Saturday, but at present that involves crossing the slurry field and I’ve had enough of bathing Mitch! This route via Wappingthorn, where we haven’t run for a while, is about 11 miles, flat and shouldn’t be overgrown…

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Team Event 2019 – Endure 24 Reading

ENDURE 24 JUNE 2019 – This has come up many times before so this time it is definite – we are entering at least one team (which is already pretty full thanks to existing interest and now commitment) and are looking to enter another one or even two if enough people commit!

Endure 24 is called the ‘Glastonbury of Running’ – its held in a country park near Reading on 15th June 2019 and starts at 12 noon. Each team then runs/jogs/walks as many laps of a 5 mile circuit as they can – with only one runner out at a time – in the next 24 hours.

All the details are on the event website and the link is below, but Team Size is anything up to a maximum of 8 runners. Except that Solo and pair teams are now sold out so the teams are now 3 to 8 people!!

If you assume a team of 8, then there will be 7 laps (of 5 miles) before you need to run again – and actually you only NEED to run once to qualify for your medal – the team technically could run a lap each then sit back – but that wouldn’t be as much fun!

COST is £70 per person (including Tech Tee Shirt) and the Club will do something around the transport (TBC – its so far away)



All the event information can be found on the Event website here:

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Saturday Morning 28th July

I suggest we do this flat 10.5 mile route on Saturday morning – when it’s forecast to be slightly cooler! It incorporates part of the 7 Stiles course, so a final check can be made that it’s ok. Partridge Green residents will note it passes through their vilage if they are inclined to join us. The terrain should not prevent its being continuous, although there are also plenty of opportunities for runbacks.