Where to find us

Where to find us

We usually say ‘meet at Henfield Leisure Centre every Wednesday at 7pm’ to anyone who wants to come along for the first time. Coronavirus has affected that somewhat but as at April 2021 we are running again in groups of 6 according to England Athletics guidelines, and as lockdowns allow us to open up we will return to a ‘normal’ schedule.

In recent years we have expanded our successful series of summer runs from local pubs, into a winter series too, as a popular move. There is almost always a core group who run from HLC and around the streets each Wednesday, but also a main group who explore the beautiful local countryside, re-energise senses dulled by work/weather/season (add your reason here!), and at the same time emphasise the more social aspects of the Club. If you’re new please feel free to come along to any of these venues and meet us, or for more details drop us an email at: enquiries@henfieldjoggers.co.uk

The SUMMER Pub Run series usually starts in APRIL and takes us through until OCTOBER when we put our head torches on and embrace the light for the WINTER pub runs! Visiting the pub is not compulsory, you can simply treat it as a meeting place and go home afterwards if you need, but then you’d miss out on the social aspect and of course the finest pubs in Sussex (probably!).

Expect around 5 or 6 miles at an easy pace with early return options, and sweeping/run backs so that noone gets lost, whatever your pace. This is about being social and having fun more than ‘training’!

Any queries to Hugh: hugh_martin@sky.com

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