Surrey Spitfire/Tempest Race Report

This was my first Surrey Spitfire/Tempest. The course is one lap of 10 miles for the Tempest and two laps (20) for the Spitfire. It takes in the Top Gear test track at Dunsfold for the first two miles then veers off into the countryside but all on road. When you drive in you are directed straight onto the test track. I resisted the temptation to floor it and do a lap!

I had entered the 20 but recovering from a cold (yes, another one) and having ‘accidentally’ done a fairly quick 11 miles with the club on Saturday morning (how did that happen? I only set out to do a gentle 5 miles then cut back) I decided soon into the race to pull out at 10 and just enjoy the run. Running with ‘I’m not going for a time’ Daren, I naively assumed that as he was doing 20 I could stay with his pace for 10. After 3 miles at 8 minute mile pace I soon realised I wasn’t up to it and let him go. It was a beautiful route on a perfect morning, quite hilly but I prefer that to flat. I was quite surprised as I came in at 1.31 to see Daren who had pulled out with a dodgy knee after doing the 10 in 1.20. We also saw Chris and Terry who both carried on for the 20 miles. I may have picked up a new recruit from Wineham en route who was very interested in Henfield Joggers. Hopefully we’ll see him soon.