Wednesday Night Club Runs

Club night is Wednesday, meeting at the Leisure Centre at 7pm (this is our Autumn/Winter base from October to March, with a popular series of Pub Runs taking place from April to September, meaning our weekly location varies). We then set off on a route which we try to vary and which is shared each week on our private Facebook Group (for members only). This is usually around 5 miles and meant to be sociable, so we ‘run at the speed of chat’. Adapting to who is running we will always have a route leader and a tail runner, with faster runners to the front and noone getting left behind as the tailrunner ensures safety and togetherness, and we will stop regularly to regroup. We consider ourselves as a Club primarily trail runners and so will venture more onto the trails around Henfield than the roads, but adapt each week according to the prevailing weather conditions.

From October to March on the first Wednesday of each month the Handicap is run, a timed 5k where the monthly points are based on emphasising IMPROVEMENT not speed, and after the last run the cumulative points are totted up to provide a trophy winner! Which rewards those of whatever pace tryng to improve, not the fastest, and so is open to EVERYONE!

We run all year round, darkness is not a barrier (though head torches are essential, and hi-viz is strongly advised). Our ethos is that running together is more enjoyable and helps people expand their belief in what they can do, so we always aim to match runners, especially new or aspiring members, to people of similar capability on the night so that no-one should ever feel that they are hanging outside what they can do.

If you’re interested but you’re not sure whether joining us is something you want to do immediately, just drop us an email (to: and turn up on a Wednesday to try us out. If you like us and keep coming, then we’ll ask you to join formally. Simples.