Hacking through the undergrowth

A mild winter, plenty of water, warm spring and sunny summer seem to have inspired the local flora and fauna to new heights! On Wednesday evening we ran from the White Horse at Maplehurst and had to hack our way through some of the local trails! Dave tried to capture the scenes, which give you a really good idea of the state of the WSCC footpath, which you can see here!

Amanda’s legs gained lumps all over with the nettles, Terry’s were scratched to bleeding from brambles, and poor Mandy really suffered when she fell backwards into a hole, filled with (you guessed) nettles!


4 Commentsto Hacking through the undergrowth

  1. Dave says:

    Not sure how the text came to be attributed to me. I just took the pics!

  2. smoggypaul says:

    Ah Dave, I have the power! As you took the photos I took the view that the words would be what you would have said anyway! I can mess with your mind that way!

  3. Gill Hamilton-Orr says:

    Once the terrain was passable, a really nice route and once again, how lovely to discover more new paths so close to home. Thanks Hugh.

    Thanks also to Mark who took the sweeper role ensuring this was an inclusive run.

  4. Liz Pamment says:

    Great photos!!!

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