October’s Handicap Results

October’s Handicap results are now in and can be found at the Handicap Results Page.

This month’s 20 points went to Jonathon Edwards, and there’s a three way tie at the top in these early stages. Still all to play for.



Handicap is back for 2021/22 – 1st September 2021

The Handicap is a longstanding tradition, and a club competition that anyone can win, no matter how slow or fast you think you might be.

Running between September and June you enter one (3.6 mile) run a month and score points for how well you’ve done against your most recent best time.

There is a timed actual event which takes place on the first Wednesday of every month at HLC as part of Club Night. But, following Covid, you can also submit any run of 3.6 miles you do in the month.

The person with the biggest improvement in the month scores 20 points, the next 19 and so on. Two points are scored for turning up, and your best 7 scores for the year count.

There’s a trophy, and almost unmeasurable glory to be had, and anyone can win. You know you want to take part.

Here you can find information about the Handicap and the Rules for 2021/22:

Here are the  Handicap routes we run on Club Night.


December Handicap Results

December’s results are now available. This month saw Helen Harrington and Victoria Jackson taking maximum points, while Joyce Blundell extended her lead at the top of the table.

Results can be found on the Handicap Results Page.


November Handicap Results

November’s Handicap results are now in and on the website.

There were an impressive 16 participants, and this month saw Shawn Lainchbury take the 20 points for most improved time – well done Shawn!

Joyce Blundell has a three point lead at the top, but there’s still all to play for with three others in hot pursuit and still plenty of Handicaps to go.

Remember, you can start in December and still come out on top as best 6 results count.

You can find this month’s numbers at the Handicap Results Page


October Handicap Results

October’s Handicap’s now complete and there’s a four way battle at the top. Still plenty of time for others to climb the table or to start to take part.

With the best 6 results to count, and with only yourself to compete against, this is the ideal Virtual Activity for us all to take part in!

Here are the results for October.


AGM – A message from the Committee

One of the items on the agenda for the upcoming AGM is the election of the Committee.

Details of current Committee Members, and the roles we have, can be found at
Cathy Walker has decided to step down from the Committee, so there is a vacancy for which volunteers are encouraged.

Also, while the other Committee Members are more than happy to stay on and continue in their roles, if there are other Members who think that they would like to take on one of those roles then the Committee Members would be prepared to step aside to allow that to happen.

While we do all have individual roles within the Committee and across the Club, we’re not precious about that and we work very much as a collective. The main criterion for being a Committee member is that you want to contribute to getting things done for the Club and our members and are prepared to roll your sleeves up and get things done. To do this, we meet about once every six weeks and communicate a lot via email.

We’d also like to remind everyone (as if you need telling, but just in case…) that it’s not a closed shop either. Individuals can and do make suggestions outside of the Committee on how to take the Club forward, and take on roles such as leading runs or arranging events. The Club is an open forum and it’s the role of the Committee to provide guidance and a supportive environment to enable this to flourish.

So, if you are interested in taking over Cathy’s old role, or in any of the other roles on the Committee, or want to know more about how it works then let one of us know before the AGM.


Joggers’ Exploits

Jenny Cobby and Michael Dee ran the Arundel 10k on Sunday. Thankfully finishing before the rain arrived.

The race starts in Arundel Town Centre. Following a circuit of the town, runners enter the grounds of Arundel Castle by the lower gates, climb through the grounds, loop around Arundel Park and return back through the Castle to the finish in the Town Square.

Jenny managed her best 10k time for years (1:18:24) on what’s a pretty tricky course. Well done to both Jenny and Mickey.