Handicap is back for 2021/22 – 1st September 2021

The Handicap is a longstanding tradition, and a club competition that anyone can win, no matter how slow or fast you think you might be.

Running between September and June you enter one (3.6 mile) run a month and score points for how well you’ve done against your most recent best time.

There is a timed actual event which takes place on the first Wednesday of every month at HLC as part of Club Night. But, following Covid, you can also submit any run of 3.6 miles you do in the month.

The person with the biggest improvement in the month scores 20 points, the next 19 and so on. Two points are scored for turning up, and your best 7 scores for the year count.

There’s a trophy, and almost unmeasurable glory to be had, and anyone can win. You know you want to take part.

Here you can find information about the Handicap and the Rules for 2021/22:

Here are the  Handicap routes we run on Club Night.