September Handicap Results

Results have been slightly delayed as Chris and then Paul have been away but finally, drum roll, here they are! After the usual Summer absence it seems like a long time, but the top three are very very tight now. It’s Kerry, from Jane, then Liz. But three months to go and anything can happen. Good luck everyone!!!

3 Commentsto September Handicap Results

  1. Andy James says:

    Sorry to be a pain, but it should have been me, rather than Andy Ralph in the results for September.

  2. smoggypaul says:

    Hi Andy, it’s Chris wot compiles these, I’ll pass your feedback on and we’ll get a correction up once he reissues. Cheers Paul

  3. Chris Bradfield says:

    Oops, and sorry for the error. The amended results are now with Paul to be posted.
    For all Handicap runners: please keep a couple of breaths in reserve to shout out your names as you pass the finish line. Putting names to faces at a moment’s notice is not the easiest of tasks.

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