Bacchus Half Marathon 2016

Where do I start with a review of this utterly amazing ‘event’ (definitely not race!)? Probably with Jenny’s review of her experience last year, which intrigued many of us to enter this year. From one person last year to a whole minibus and carload of runners and supporters, the Joggers were out in force! Jenny was not alone for this at all!

Our Facebook page has overloaded with photographs and positive comments so this won’t be new to most people, but this truly is an amazing event. Definitely NOT PB potential (though some do take img_3724it seriously, Hugh even won his age category this year) because it is both a) hilly and b) gloriously debauched by mixing drink with fancy dress into a running event! 95% of entrants do take the fancy dress seriously, some VERY seriously, which means that from arrival everyone is chatting and engaging with each other, lots of banter flying around between costume groups. This sets the tone for the event, it’s about sheer enjoyment and fun more than grinding out a run which at times is more demanding than you might imagine based on these words.

So, with the Joggers group encompassing pirate, lurid 80s dress, rara skirts, royalty, Buzz Lightyear and even a fake pregnant Dani (don’t ask!) most of us set out from the start just to have fun, and run together as much as possible, running between drinks stations  at our own desired pace but regrouping at each station. And there were a lot!

Seven drinks stations in total, starting with white wine (different varieties at each of the first few stations), then rose wine, sparkling wine at the best station of all (see the video!) and a final stop of red wine, cheese and biscuits before a final delirious (and possibly slightly drunken) run downhill back to the vineyard. It’s seemed like only just over a mile in between drinks!

With all runners in a happy and boisterous mode this was good natured fun all the way. And to end with huge slices of pineapple img_3743at the finish, a glittering large medal, technical tee shirt, free drink and BBQ afterwards this was, despite a £46 entry fee, good value! And for non-drinkers soft drinks and water were available at each station.

Everyone wants to go back in 2017, and I’m sure rather than a minibus we could take a full coach if all the interest turns into action! Remember, if you DO want to take part, BOOK EARLY as this sells out every year well ahead of the day!

Finally, after starting by referring to Jenny whose review got the ball rolling in 2015, I must mention Nikki whose energy got the 2016 crew together, arranged the minibus etc, and then through illness had to pull out at the last minute! Next year then Nikki!!!

And of course big thanks as usual for Mark who organised the minibus, and Brian who drove it selflessly and loyally waited by the finishing line to take photographs!