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Handicap Results – June

Here are the last handicap results before the summer break.  The next run will be in September using the summer course for the last time this year.   (Chris promises to check for long grass after such a long break, but that’s for another day!)
We have a clear leader at present 🙂 but that doesn’t mean that it is all over, oh no – the point scoring is such that there are still many opportunities for some catching up, so it still has a long way to run (see what I did there!)
Might be worth mentioning that a further two runners, just graduated from the beginners course, mistook the route, being unfamiliar with the local landmark, Hen Heaven and the refrigerator, and continued to the left down Stonepit lane, and emerged at West End Lane.  They were sufficiently well up in the field that our sweeper did not see them go astray.  All well, and
eventually accounted for, after 1 hr. 10 min. but it does reinforce the importance of Chris knowing who has gone out onto the course.  Fortunately all was well and all runners were recovered safely!