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Roundhill Romp Race Report

For the last two years of so, I have got as far as going to the pub after the run, but not actually taken part myself. I have heard tales of big hills a plenty, but always got the impression that those that ran this Fun Run, seemed to kind of enjoy it.
So on the hottest day of the year so far, I joined the big crowd of Hj’s, sporting our now well known and instantly recognizable green vests, and headed off down Steyning High Street for our 6 mile circuit. As always, some of us ran the race and some of us took it at a nice easy jog. The route led down a lovely shady Mouse Lane where, after two miles we were rewarded with a water station before our hike up to Chanctonbury. As everyone had said before, there was no shame in walking up that hill – and as it pretty much a one-mile hill, walk it I did, where we were welcomed with more water at the top.
The run then headed east back towards Steyning along the top of the downs. The views were amazing and there was a perfect breeze blowing. It was then a fairly straight forward descent back down to the Cricket Field to the usual roars and cheers from our fantastically supportive club.
We had ‘newbies’ (massive well done to Kirsty and Fiona), ‘oldies’ (no names mentioned), ‘super fast’ and ‘comfortably paced’ joggers representing the club and it seemed that everyone really, really enjoyed this one. A great example that the Fun Runs are there for everyone to get involved in, whatever standard you are So if you haven’t done one yet, get your name down on Dani’s list for the next one.