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All Member Subscriptions now due

Happy New Year everyone! And of course, new year also means new subscription! Your favourite Club remains outstanding value at just £20 for the whole year – yes that’s ALL the way through 2018! There really is no better value out there!

So don’t delay, renew today! You can find all of the payment details and a reminder of your membership benefits in the membership section here! You know it makes sense!


A Wet and Windy Hornet Stinger

Once again it’s Sunday morning and I am pulling on my running gear with the prospect of a hilly 9.5k run. The Hove Stinger is where we are headed. This fun run is only in its 2nd year, so most of us had no idea of what lay ahead…which is always a good thing. After meeting by our flag, getting our numbers from Dani and having a pre-run photo shoot we headed off for the 1m walk to the start point. Nice gentle way to warm up and by this time it was starting to drizzle with rain. Strange thing is with this running lark, is that cloudy skies and light’ish rain is really really welcome. This run would have been 10 times harder in yesterday’s sun and heat.

The first 4k of this run was purely up hill…..reasonably gentle up hill, but it was a long climb and as always, I appreciated the encouragement from other runners every time I wanted stop and walk. The route took you out from Waterhall and over towards Saddlescombe where there was a water station, before another sharp climb up before you headed back south. It was a great route with fantastic marshalling. One girl in particular at the 2k/8k(ish) mark was brilliant. If they gave Oscars for marshalling, she would definitely be up for one.

The scenery on this run was fantastic and that was on a windy and very wet morning – it would have been stunning on a clear day.
There were definitely fewer runners than at the Tilgate 5m last Sunday and this seemed to give a more relaxed and chilled out vibe. As always, it was great to be cheered back across the finish line by the HJ’s and how delicious was that wedge of orange they were handing out with the water?!!
It was then back to the club house for hot drinks and a free raffle – which saw Mandy winning that last bottle of Prosecco!!

Rather like the Roundhill Romp, I enjoyed this run a lot more than I had anticipated and I would encourage anyone who hasn’t done this one to definitely give it a go next year!!

See the video here (added by Dave):

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Roundhill Romp Race Report

For the last two years of so, I have got as far as going to the pub after the run, but not actually taken part myself. I have heard tales of big hills a plenty, but always got the impression that those that ran this Fun Run, seemed to kind of enjoy it.
So on the hottest day of the year so far, I joined the big crowd of Hj’s, sporting our now well known and instantly recognizable green vests, and headed off down Steyning High Street for our 6 mile circuit. As always, some of us ran the race and some of us took it at a nice easy jog. The route led down a lovely shady Mouse Lane where, after two miles we were rewarded with a water station before our hike up to Chanctonbury. As everyone had said before, there was no shame in walking up that hill – and as it pretty much a one-mile hill, walk it I did, where we were welcomed with more water at the top.
The run then headed east back towards Steyning along the top of the downs. The views were amazing and there was a perfect breeze blowing. It was then a fairly straight forward descent back down to the Cricket Field to the usual roars and cheers from our fantastically supportive club.
We had ‘newbies’ (massive well done to Kirsty and Fiona), ‘oldies’ (no names mentioned), ‘super fast’ and ‘comfortably paced’ joggers representing the club and it seemed that everyone really, really enjoyed this one. A great example that the Fun Runs are there for everyone to get involved in, whatever standard you are So if you haven’t done one yet, get your name down on Dani’s list for the next one.


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Start Running Group Powers On!

Cathy’s Start Running Group group is now approaching its midway point, and with a good number of established HJs helping out all the newcomers seem appreciative of the encouragement and support. Nice for them to also start getting acquainted with others outside their group. Well done to Cathy on their progress to date (Next time we’ll get a photograph from the front!)



Spotted on Saturday Morning

8:37 – Mark, loud and clear “Just look at that view”! Even nicer from behind a window  (More pics in the gallery – Dave)


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Tilgate Forest Fun Run

Some of us headed up to Tilgate Forest for the Saints & Sinners 5m Fun run this morning.  Nikki, Louise, Lorna, Alison T and me.  Nikki’s sister Louise and brother-in-law joined us too. Alan Barwick was also there, sporting his Team HJ’s running vest! (Sadly we didn’t get a pic)!  It’s great that we can now easily spot members of our team and get encouraging shout outs from the Marshals!  Go Henfield!!

It was a lovely run, completely off road, through the forest trails and the conditions were just perfect.  One or two little hills, but nothing compared to the Highdown Hike or Roundhill Romp that some had recently endured.  Highly recommended for anyone tempted next year!


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A Day on the Downs

Thankfully we were a day ahead of the storm and had pretty perfect exercise conditions!

10 of us met as planned in Steyning car park and for a moment it looked like a pre Crufts convention rather than an alternative HJs event! On time we set off, leaving Steyning by the quiet lanes before making the steep ascent up the Downs. But boy do the views make it worthwhile! The fact that most were still able to talk must be testament that we are fitter than perhaps we feel?!

We joined the South Downs Way and after approx 4.5 miles of walking, took a wooded path leading down to Washington, where we met up with another 7 of us at The Frankland Arms in Washington for a quick drink. On moving on the 5 cyclists then braved the steep South Downs Way climb from the Washington car park, while the walkers continued on the lower path, via one unplanned field, where Liz’s gallant husband helped people and animals over a wire fence! After 3.5 miles of beautiful scenery at the foot of the Downs, going past Wiston House, we entered Steyning via Mouse Lane. Thankfully for Liz and I, there was a unanimous agreement that the walk / route had been thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Once at The Star Inn, Steyning we seemed to continue with HJs current form with pubs! Ok, we were later arriving than Liz and I had calculated (having walked it the previous week), but we were horrified to discover that the cyclists had been told on arrival that they were unaware of us coming! This was despite Liz and I discussing our event with the landlady in person and confirming by email!! There was 1 lad working the bar, (far from ideal when we were all thirsty!) and the wait for food was an hour initially. Note – we won’t be frequenting there again! Anyway, the sun was shining and 19 of us enjoyed relaxing for a couple of hours in the beer garden!

Thanks by many have been received and Liz and I feel that despite the pub not meeting expectation, the day was a resounding success! Hopefully the storyboard of photos reflects this! For all the photos’s, courtesy of Gill and Sue, go to the Gallery here!

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South Downs Way Relay Marshalling Report

Well as so often is the case, the thought of something is very different to the reality. Persuaded beautifully by Rosie, we signed up to Marshall at the impressive South Downs Relay. To be honest, hours of hanging around watching others exercise wasn’t my first choice for a Summer Sat morning, but….. Oh how we underestimated the pleasure of feeling part of an event and representing our club where we are fortunate to have a great bunch of people, either admirably running or in support.
Having committed, imagine our despair at preparing to leave home with the rain SDM7absolutely falling out of the sky. Sorry runners, you at least are moving, the prospect of just standing in such conditions …… But we wouldn’t let Nick out support team organiser down. Well they say the sun shines on the righteous…..   After a team briefing, Liz and I took up our post and after a very short spell of light rain, we found ourselves basking in sunshine amongst our beautiful countryside. We even managed to find time for the coffee we brought with us! The excitement of waiting for the runners and the importance of shouting their numbers to Danielle and Fabian SDM6who were stopping them from running into the road and directing the next team member off, made the few hours fly by. Well I say directed, ordered was more like! Danielle certainly found her voice and how perfect it was for today – crystal clear! As 2 cyclists riding the South Downs Way said, heard for miles before seen!!
We kept the local residents sweet by being gatekeeper not just for the runners but for every time they moved their cars in and out! We also spoke with so many lovely people and almost sounded like we knew what we were talking about as we described the event going on! One chap even expressed interest in participating so we directed him to the HJs website – always recruiting!
SDM5Nick did a great job on checking on us all and making us feel appreciated and that we played an important part in the event. Even the race Director, Richard and his son chatted with us!
Once Chris confirmed the last runner was through and we could close ‘our leg’ of the race, there was a lovely mini get-together over the most delicious chocolate brownies made by Tina and excellent toffee apple cake made by Cathy, (great volunteering Girls at Club Night!)! As always, we manage to get food involved in any kind of social!
So, anyone knowing in the future they won’t run the South Downs Relay (and nothing changed our minds on that one today! Full respect to the HJs team though!), don’t hesitate to get involved in the support team – it was good fun with great camaraderie.
Well played all.
More photographs from the day can be found here.
The marshals who joined me at Saddlescombe were awesome. The whole thing ran so smoothly it was like clockwork. If the same helpers would do it again next year I would be very pleased to organise it again. Thanks guys

And from Chris:

Saddlescombe checkpoint manned successfully. 60 teams passed through.
One team considered that Saddlescombe is one of the two most difficult checkpoints to handle – because of the busy road, poor visibility, layout of the junctions, and need for teams to park elsewhere.
Thanks to all of our Joggers for their efforts marshalling.
Danielle’s work was particularly noted – in shouting start orders from the far side of the road.  Loud and authoritative, and much admired.
Some wondered whether she took particular pleasure in being able to shout at the mainly male field of runners!!

Social Events 2014

The initial list of social activities for 2014 is now out – see below for details or click here for a printable copy! There may be more surprises along the way but this should keep everyone going for now!

Any queries let me or Liz know – ( or


16th March: Foxes 5 Fun Run. Meet for a drink &/or lunch afterwards at The Bridge Inn, 87 High St, Shoreham-by-Sea. We will need to book a table so please let Gill / Liz know if you are going to make it a ‘Fun’ Run again.

24 May: Downs Day – members and family welcome. Full details to follow, but in essence we will meet at The Frankland Arms (11.25 OR 12.25, to be confirmed) for a circular walk, route of approx 2hrs, (runners or cyclists may join in if preferred, but not guaranteeing time or distance for them!), followed by eats and drinks back at the pub. For those looking for a more ‘sociable’ outing, timings will coincide with the option of taking the Compass Bus (100)  from Henfield to Washington and back!

July & August Club nights: The monthly Handicap takes its summer break, but the First Wednesday of the month is still a Club evening, but with a difference! Meet at HLC and head to The Fountain, Ashurst. Walk, run or cycle there. Groups of walkers, just like 2013, will leave HLC and Partridge Green, (entrance to Lock Lane). Those taking part in the Roundhill Romp in Steyning and Worthing Highdown Hike, will hopefully come and join us after their challenges.

27th July  – Summer Social – post 7 Stiles Race we will head to The Bell for a Barbecue. Entry by advanced payment / booking only. More details will follow.

11.30am 20 Sept: Private tour of Dark Star Brewery. Includes tastings. More details will follow nearer the time, when bookings will open, but places are limited so booking AND payment will be collected in advance. Cost will include lunch at The Partridge after.

Fri 12th or Sat 13th Dec: Date to be confirmed. HJs Christmas Jolly.

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Valentines Fun Run Report


Well what a contrast to last Sunday! Firstly no wind to speak of, blue sky, sunshine, inclines and MUD!! See our muddy trainers pic – the ‘team’ have agreed our new Fun Run Logo!

Our team grew in size this week, 5 now 7 and with 1 change. Danielle and Fabian maintained max enthusiasm by being first to

You need hands!
You need hands!

arrive – 2 weeks in a row, loving it Guys! Liz aka Paul number 2 had us all organised with our numbers etc and soon we were leaving the

appealing cakes in HQ and heading off to the start. Along the way, one of the lovely Marshalls told us he had dried the course out for us; how kind, how funny!

Danielle and Fabian, still enthusiastic, made the sensible choice to try and move nearer the start line; the rest of the Running at the Speed of Chat girls were of course, yes, you guessed, chatting, so were nicely boxed in a good way back. Still, we were off with Michele moving into a trot and heading in search of D & F. After a minor trainer issue she upped it to a canter and we didn’t see her until the finish!

Wet sloppy brown stuff was guaranteed and there were a fair few falls in the slippy stuff, including by our own Cathy who looked like she had enjoyed an exclusive treatment at a health farm!! For

future ref, point to note, don’t wipe your muddy hands on your black running leggings – Cathy ran the rest of the race with 2 perfect hand prints on her buttocks!!

Once out of the mud, the roads were most welcome, though most of us agreed the mud had taken much out of our legs, (well at least that’s what Fabian and I thought!).

What's in the bag Tina?
What’s in the bag Tina?

Tina for her efforts received a nice ‘Up & Running’ spot prize – actually, what was in the bag?!

A ‘happy to have completed it’ team regrouped and resisted the cakes and all 7 headed for a delish brunch at The Orchard,

Valentines Team
Valentines Team

West Grinstead. Now that’s what adds Fun to our races! What a great team spirit! Next Fun Run is on Sunday 16th March – come on guys, give it a go and let’s have a bigger representation for our club. Fingers crossed we may even be sporting our club vests.


Michele Longmore 33:23

Fabian Kaelin 34:12

Danielle Kaelin 36:24

Gill Hamilton-Orr 37:15

Liz Pamment 40:58

Cathy Walker 44:07

Tina Wake 48:43