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Pub Run Schedule 2015

YAY! Its Spring, and therefore time to introduce everyone to the 2015 Pub Run schedule, on our ‘Find Us’ page here!

Where I can (obviously difficult if its a pub/run that we haven’t done before, and several are indeed new to us) last years route is included on each event, just to give everyone an idea of the area. Hugh will confirm the actual route (which may or may not be different) in the week before each event, so remember to keep checking back.

Each run is around the 6 mile distance, with shorter options available where we can. However they are suitable for ALL – they aren’t races or training events, they’re sociable and friendly events and no one gets left behind or abandoned – huge points scored for ‘having a go’ even if you think that distance is beyond you. The faster runners will be looping back so that we stay as a coherent group, and a ‘sweeper’ in place where appropriate.

2014 saw our Pub Runs supported by our biggest ever turnouts – often 25 to 30 runners covering the countryside. Lets make 2015 an even bigger season – not sure? Come on, give us a try. Non-Henfield Joggers are very welcome to come along and try us out – you might like us! 🙂