Saturday Morning 21st March 2015

From the sublime to the ridiculous! After last week’s tough run over the Downs this Saturday’s run follows an easy 11 mile linear route to Shoreham from where Dani and Fab have offered us a lift back to the village. In response to popular demand there is a shorter version of about 8.5 miles that omits the loop via Betley bridge.


11 Miles

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  1. smoggypaul says:

    Sad to miss this as am with Gayle at the Wombledon Half on Sunday, but recall doing this last year after being out for several months with Plantar F. and worrying about the distance – actually didn’t need to, it’s a lovely, flat run and my personal feeling is that it would be easier to do the full distance than to turn around and come back – I know that’s easy for me to say when I’m not even turning up, so feel free to ignore me – BUT if there is a ‘stretch’ long distance run to which someone could aspire to step up too, this would definitely be it!

  2. Dave R says:

    Great run. Thanks as always to Hugh for his excellent organising. The ‘looping back’ worked brilliantly, allowing the faster runners to go further and faster whilst keeping the group together (as demonstrated in the pics by Danielle, no she wasn’t going the wrong way!). By the way guys, you’re supposed to RUN when the pics being taken!

  3. smoggypaul says:

    Crikey, you got pictures of Terry! Don’t you know his contract says NO PUBLICITY????

  4. Hugh Martin says:

    Great photos again, Dave. Maybe you should be appointed the Joggers’ official photographer.

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