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Great South Run Review by Lorna Winter

Overall the weather held up – yes it was windy as usual making those last 2 miles a real challenge!

The atmosphere was fabulous, the iconic ships looked great and the post race LornaNutella, Banana and Marshmallow Crepe was definitely worth running for!!

Always a bit of struggle to keep pace as there are so many people so it’s a bit like dodgems at times and with all the zig zagging I ended up running 10.14 miles instead of just 10. Most frustrating this time was the last 800m where twice I just couldn’t zoom (ok zoom might be a bit over the top)…past people as it narrowed quite a bit at points.

Pros and Cons to these big races really. Pros are the atmosphere, and the crowd support and pre and post race stalls yet cons are the slow shuffles at the start and the congestion during the run (unless you’re up with the elites!).
John and Lorna 1No doubt we will both be back again next year though. 
Both of us did better than last time we did it – so course PB’s. Results that I can find are below but well done to Andy, 139th overall (out of 16,029 finishers!)



Andy Massingale  1.01.56

John Winter        1.28.59

Lorna Winter       1.41.23

Jenny Cobby       2.31.01