Weekend Results Summary

With representation at no less than FOUR events over the weekend, here is a summary of the results as I have tracked them. Congratulations go to everyone, we had new PB’s set, Andys great time at the Great South Run, and especially to Jenny Cobby for her Beachy Head 10K AND Great South Run, and Mick Dee for his Beachy Head 10k AND Alf Shrubb 5 – inspirational all round! I feel positively lazy this weekend!

Beachy Head Marathon

BLACKBURN, Duncan 4:56:37
SKILTON, Mark 5:29:04
MARTIN, Hugh 5:31:27

Beachy Head 10K

DEE, Michael 1:06:47
COBBY, Jenny 1:34:13

Great South Run

Andy Massingale 1.01.56
John Winter 1.28.59
Lorna Winter 1.41.23
Jenny Cobby 2.31.01

Alf Shrubb Memorial 5

Alison Turner 51.16
Liz Pamment 51.16
Mick Dee 57.21