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‘Major Series’ Report

So, me (Katie) and Millie survived the major series! We signed up for it about a year ago, not really knowing what to expect and it exceeded any expectations we may have had. Stamina is required, it’s very hilly – there’s one hill that just keeps on going, which unshamefully we didn’t manage to run up! The obstacles are as they’re pictured on the website …. Our favourites include the Edmund’s electric jumps (funnily enough, the marshals forgot to tell us they were electric so we found that one out the for ourselves), the stench trenches – where you wade through thick deep muddy gloop which they describe as a free all-body cleansing mud treatment, and not sure what this obstacle is called but you had to make your way over to the other side of again thick waist deep gooey mud… my approach being, YOLO and sprint across, which Major 3worked well up until 4 strides in where my foot got stuck and consequently I face planted. However the ultimate obstacle was the finisher – Sander’s slide –basically a mud/water slide, where you gain quite a bit of speed – but you’ve just got to GO FOR IT! There’s marshals around every corner shouting at you military style and camera Major 1men – so don’t forget to smile :). As well as the adrenalin, they provide water stations and gummy bears to keep you going!

I definitely recommend this run or one similar (there’s plenty around, all over the country) to be on your bucket list! An experience to be had by all. It would be great to do with a big group although you’re alright if you’re on your own as you’re surrounded by like-minded but friendly nutters! The energy is high – the vibe is buzzing – a festival-like atmosphere! Defo grippy trail trainers required or otherwise you have no hope and a hot chocolate afterwards eases the pain!

Me and maybe Millie will definitely do one of these again next year!