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Autumn/Winter Schedule Published

I know what you’re saying, do we NEED a schedule? After all, it’s ‘see you at Henfield Leisure Centre’ from now until the next Pub Run season in 2015 isn’t it?

Well, no actually. Hugh has thrown in a handful of teasing ‘dark night’ Pub Runs just to keep our running palates fresh during the darker months. The routes will all need a torch, of course, so make sure you’re prepared. And they will all be carefully selected closer to each event to be sure that the terrain is passable, depending on the prevailing weather. But there is no reason why we can’t get out of Henfield every now and then and have a new sensory experience. We hope they’ll be just as popular as the Summer versions.

Picking up on Hughs comment (below) it’s well worth noting his statement that these runs are very different from those we do in the summer. Not only we will be running in the dark, but the routes are along country lanes and farm tracks, so they should be easy to follow and the opportunities to get ankle deep in mud will be very limited!

Check the list on our Find Us page.