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Hedgehoppers 5 Race Report & Results

It goes to show that Wednesday club nights are not also a social gathering but also a ploy to get me to agree to run races I had previously marked as far too hilly. In fact up until about 20.30 on the Wednesday before, Fabian ‘mountain goat’ was the only soul who had decided running up hill for a few miles on a Sunday morning was a good idea. Luckily(?!) after a couple of spritzers, I too had agreed to run, as had Guy ‘Iron Man’ our newest newbie, Mandy ‘I cant run- oh wait.. I just did!’ and Louise ‘I am a beginner, who just happens to have already run a marathon’.

The weather on Sunday was, at least dry but very windy. Whilst trying to pin on our numbers, Guy, Mandy and Louise arrived. We were all wearing the new club tops and even if I do say so myself we looked pretty good! Mandy especially was a little nervous as she admitted this was the first time she had ever had to pin a number on her shirt.

We trundled up to the start point and took shelter near the front out of the wind. After agreeing to meet at the finish line once we had completed the infamous 5 miles we were off. The wind was fierce but Fabian in pure mountain goat style took off up the hill with what seemed like ease. Guy and I managed to stay within in sight of each other, encouraging ourselves that it was ‘only’ five miles. The course was much more up than down, and once finally at the top of the hill I saw Fabian already on the decent. The views at the top were magnificent, to the left you could see Poynings, and the fields stretching out towards Henfield and to the right you could see the sea.

As I took the descent, Guy was in front of me but was a focal point to keep going. At the finish I was greeted by a wind swept Fabian and Guy and we turned back to watch Mandy and Louise return, We didn’t have to wait long! Looking like they’d both been running for years, rather than in Mandy’s part 4 months, they came sprinting down the hill finishing nicely under the hour (exact times to be confirmed).
Mandy even exclaimed that it wasn’t as bad as she thought. I have to agree!

It was great to be running with everyone in team colours, and I did also spot two men in HJ white tops, but couldn’t catch them to say hi! (That would be Steve and Alan…Ed)

Mandy, Louise and Guy then departed to get a roast at The White Hart. Fabian and I were just a little bit Jealous but unfortunately otherwise engaged,

It really would be so good if more people took part in the Fun Runs, because, other than gaining points for the club, getting Race experience and improving your running they are also rather good fun!

Link to the run, as recorded by my watch although I forgot to press stop so my timing is a little (but not much) better than shown.


Steve Robinson 40:50
Alan Barwick 46:17
Fabian Kaelin 47:25
Guy Gibson 53:47
Danielle Kaelin 54:10
Louise Muller 56:59
Amanda Kianfor 57:08
Louise, Fabiam, Amanda, Danielle & Guy
Louise, Fabiam, Amanda, Danielle & Guy