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AGM 2018

🗣🗣HJ AGM WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 28th🗣🗣 The annual HJ AGM is held at Sharky’s soft play (sorry guys no playing allowed) at 8pm after the run. Food will be provided courtesy of the club and drinks available to buy (Sharky’s has a license 😉). It’s really important that all members attend if possible- from those that have been with the club longer than they’d like to admit to our newbies who only joined last week or last month. It’s your chance to hear what’s been happening with the club over the last year and also give a input. It will also be the night the London Marathon place is drawn (rejection proof must be given to Paul Crowe in advance) and we will also be taking votes for the HJ annual awards. The categories are:
Best Beginner (anyone from this years beginner group)
Runners Runner (anyone you think has gone the extra mile to help the club)
Most Improved (as it says on the tin)
Please please come and support your club- we plan to be done and dusted within a hour and a half. Any questions fire away! Thanks, Dani

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Running Awards 2017

The Voting for this years awards will take place at the AGM on Wednesday. The categories are:

  • Most Improved
  • Best Beginner
  • Runners Runner

If you are unable to attend on Wednesday (we do politely request that all members do attend if possible) then paid up members can still vote by sending your entries to

The winners will be announced at the Christmas Party… don’t have tickets to the best party of the year?? Contact Liz Pamment ASAP as tickets selling fast!

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Comedy Night Spring Social 16th April 2016

“Saturday night out at Ropetackle with three top comics from the UK comedy circuit and beyond. Every month Barnstormers Comedy Club promises, and delivers, a great laugh-out-loud night out.

Unbeatable sell-out Saturday night entertainment cabaret style and the perfect way to get together with your mates. Each month our compère introduces three top acts from the comedy circuit. A barnstorming night out!”

As last year was such a success I have organised tickets to the Barnstormers Comedy Night in Shoreham on April 16th 2016. Three acts of stand up comedy in one evening, plenty to drink and great Henfield Jogger company, what could possibly go wrong?
There is only a set amount of tickets available so get in quick! Its £12.50 per person for the comedy. I am still looking into possibly getting a minibus from PG/Henfield to Shoreham and back (like last time) so will keep you posted. If not, I will organise as many lift shares as I can to ensure everyone can come and let their hair down.

If you would like to get a ticket, HJ Members and families (18years plus) can either pay by BACS to the usual Henfield Jogger account with COMEDY and your surname plus how many tickets eg COMEDYKAELIN2, or by cheque or cash. If you pay by BACS please let me know by email that you have done so.

Tickets are on sale now and will close on March 15th (or before if we run out of tickets) so don’t delay get your tickets today!


Hove Park 5k Race Report

Race Report for the Hove Park 5K Fun Run – by Kerry Bonham
I really wasn’t sure what to expect as I got into Dani and Fabian’s car at HLC on Sunday morning. After all, 12 weeks ago, I couldn’t even run for one minute without feeling like I would keel over! Yet here I was in my green vest, off to Hove Park for the WSFRL Hove Park 5K with Dani, Fabian and Amanda.
So, off we went to Hove! On arrival, we got the flag pole up and sorted out the numbers (that’s a whole other story isn’t it Dani?). Then it was a quick pit stop to the loo ‘just in case’, before whizzing off to the start line. The lovely Lorna very kindly said she would run with me, so I knew I was in safe hands.
Toooooot!! The klaxon sounded, and we were off!! Some people zoomed off like rockets, but my plan was to just keep plodding on for the 2.5 laps, and only walk if I really needed to.
During the race, we saw people of all ages and abilities walking, jogging, running, and almost sprinting! We cheered on our fellow Henfield Joggers, and had so many people encouraging us in return. It honestly made such a difference, and certainly kept a smile on my face!
We’d had a sprinkling of rain while we’d been waiting for the race to start, but as we entered the final lap, the temperature got warmer and warmer as the sun tried to come out. Still, we kept going, kept cheering, and kept smiling.
Then, as we came round the last corner, we could see and hear our fellow Joggers spurring us on. I had managed to run the whole way so far, and I wasn’t going to let the Joggers down now. Lorna and I looked at each other, and with a mutual nod, we gave it all we could, running as fast as we could to High Five our friends, and get across the finish line!!
When I signed up for the Beginners Group those few months ago, I remember being asked what I hoped to achieve. My response? To run 5K non-stop before I was 30 years old. Guess what? By completing the Hove Park Fun Run, I did just that, with 3 days to spare! (My birthday is Wednesday 17th June)
I can honestly say that I never thought I would be able to run, let alone enjoy it. I have changed for the better both physically and mentally. I am fitter, healthier and happier than ever before. Henfield Joggers have been so supportive throughout my running journey, and I am proud to be part of the club.
Thank you HJ!
Kerry Bonham – newbie!team-photo

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SDW Relay 2015 Race Report

Race report by a South Downs Way Relay Virgin!
I have done a few big races in my short running life, but never anything like the South Downs Way Relay, I was asked if I would like to be part of the relay team and being new to the club was encouraged to take part by some of the more long standing members, so I couldn’t really refuse. I was given my legs (6,12 and 18) and with some help and advice from some of the members I duly went out and practiced them. Although the signage was very good it helps to know where you are going on the day.
The day started early, a 04:15 pick up from Amanda’s house then off to Henfield to collect the rest and swap into the relevant team vans.
The A team (Andy, Danielle, Fabian, Colin, Tom and myself) were in the slightly smaller van which was cosy but comfortable, with our driver Richard, and Tammy our Timekeeper, off we set to Beachy Head to Register.
The race started at 6am sharp with Fabian taking the first leg, as soon as he was out of sight we were back in the van heading towards the half way point of his leg to see him run past, after which we headed out to the change over point.
Change overs came and went and when we could see the runners on route we would stop to cheer them on.
Finally my first leg was up, Richard had got us to Ditchling Beacon with a good ten minutes to spare before Colin was due in to hand over, I got myself ready and had a little jog around the car park to warm up. I have never done a team event before and it’s at this point I realised it not all about me, today it’s all about the team, and if I fail I am not just letting myself down but my team mates as well. After giving myself a good talking to in the car park, I went over to the marshall a waited for Colin to come into sight, as soon as we could see him Danielle was shouting his name and encouraging him in, by the time he got to the road everybody in the car park knew who he was. The change over was a two baton change as there was a main road, Colin came in and I was released by the Marshall on my side of the road. The run to Saddlescombe was undulating for the first part then down towards the A23, after which there is a steep incline and then it’s downhill to the finish, I kept looking at my watch throughout the run because I was given a 42 minute estimated time for that leg, and I didn’t want to go to slow or to fast, I came in at 42:02 according to my Garmin. I handed over to Fabian, then it was back to the van and we were off to the next change over point.
I think the atmosphere changed in the van after everyone had done their first leg, it became more relaxed and easy going with a little bit of banter. The more experienced in the van looked after us virgins and made sure we knew where we were going. Richard was outstanding very calm and collective, knew exactly were he was going and always got us to the change overs in plenty of time to get ourselves sorted out.
Leg 2 for me was slightly longer than my first with a steep incline at the beginning and then undulating across the top with another fast downhill finish. Pretty uneventful, slightly slower then my estimate time 44:34, but we were, at this point ahead of our estimated finishing time.
Leg 3 the glory leg, the last leg. Tom was running leg 17 the longest leg of the relay and I asked him not to hang about, we were already ahead but I just wanted a bit of time just incase. Tom delivered, when I looked at my watch he came in at around 19:02, I had 58 minutes to run 5.5 miles, the first part of the run is a gradual climb up to the A272 where I was greeted with the A team cheering me on. Then it’s pretty much down hill to the finish. We managed to complete the race in 13:52.
After a very cold and quick shower we all headed to the pub for some well earned food and drink, before the drive back.
I would just like to say thanks to Mark for giving me the opportunity to run the relay, Richard for his friendly advice throughout the day, and Tammy for remembering all the essentials that everyone else forgot. Not forgetting my Team Mates for making it a memorable and enjoyable day.



Trundle Hill 10k Race report

With a few less People than normal at the Trundle Hill 10k tonight, it was lovely to see a couple of new faces. Sadly the sun had disappeared by the time we started and had been replaced by cloud, and although it felt a bit chilly whilst waiting to start you soon warmed up one you got going, especially as there was quite a climb up to the the top of Trundle Hill, over some interesting terrain. After a run round the Fort at the top on a chalky path you were rewarded with a great view of Goodwood Race Course and beautiful scenery stretching out ahead of you with a lovely sunset thrown in, (Wished I’d had a camera), once round the Fort you started to make your way back down hill where you could really pick up the pace! I never really want to run these races as I know most of them are going to be tough but once I get going no matter how tough I do enjoy them and tonight was no exception especially with the views at the top of Trundle Hill, that seem to make it all worth while! Certainly better than sitting indoors! As always everyone was there to cheer the last person home, (me on this occasion) and it always makes me smile as you hear Dannielle shouting at the top of her voice as soon as she see’s you! Even makes me run a bit faster!!!

Andy Massingale managed to come in 5th out of 456 runners with a time of 38:43 followed by;
Ben Brown 44:43
Anthony Brown 45:18
Fabian Kaelin 50:17
Ross Parmenter 52:27
Alan Barwick 54:33
Kieran Lewer 58:11
Daren Barwick 58:56
Colin Clegg 59:04
Paul Crowe 1:00:22
Danielle Kaelin 102:23
Louise Lewer 107:51

Well Done Everyone!

Race report by Louise Lewerimage


Beach Run 2015 Race report

imageThe weather was simply gorgeous on this wednesday evening in May. The 16 runners all met by the newly named ‘Jogger Mobile’ as Danielle had forgotten the important part of flag set up is having a hammer. Everyone was in good spirits and after the usual last minute dashes for the ever needed last toilet trip we were off. It was definatley more beach than I remembered but the sand was lovely to run on and sunglasses were a must with the setting sun. As ever the Arunners put on a lovely race and the marshalls were all very friendly.

The first home for the Joggers was Andy (unsuprisingly) and he came 3rd over all which was fantastic! However it doesnt really matter to anyone other than the runner where they come because we will always wait and cheer on all our runners because everyone that takes part really helps the club in the league and hopefully thouroughly enjoys themselves.

Huge congratulations to Amanda Player who got 9 points for the first time, and who came in within the first 20 ladies. Excellent!

Pos Time Number Name gender gend/pos points
3 28:24 328 Andy MassingaleM 3 10
46 32:33 323 Ben Brown M 44 9
103 36:06 319 Fabian Kaelin M 95 6
117 36:54 333 Ross ParmenterM 105 6
145 38:33 324 Alan Barwick M 129 5
148 38:55 330 Simon Funnell M 132 5
150 38:58 326 Amanda Player F 18 9
165 39:21 327 Dave Razzel M 141 4
182 40:37 320 Keiron Lewer M 152 4
221 42:29 331 Colin Clegg M 173 3
224 42:36 325 paul crowe M 176 3
226 42:37 318 Danielle Kaelin F 50 7
309 47:24 335 Tammy Simpson F 100 4
310 47:25 334 Harriet Tidey F 101 4
323 48:56 322 Louise Lewer F 112 4
352 52:24 332 Tina Hawkins F 131 2


Summer Social 2015 **HOG ROAST**

This year’s Summer Social will be held on Saturday the 4th of July and will be a Hog Roast Garden party. Tickets are £11 and can be obtained by contacting Danielle.

The event will be held near Partridge Green (Address will be given with the tickets)

The tickets are selling very fast, get in there quick>



Three Peaks Training (and excuse for a roast) THIS SUNDAY

Tammy has organised a Three Peaks Training session this Sunday 26th of April. It will be an approx 10 mile hike across the downs, starting and finishing at the Shepherd and Dog Fulking where those that wish to can enjoy a Sunday roast. Dogs welcome. We will meet in the pub car park at 10am 20140625_191822