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Dark Star Marathon Report

At 28.2 miles this is technically, strictly speaking, an ultra marathon. The race route started in Shoreham and followed the River Adur up to Partridge Green (home of the Dark Star brewery) and then up to West Grinstead along the Downslink, returning back to Shoreham on the opposite side of the river.

Amanda and Ralph B entered, and the field was limited to just 60 entrants, with 55 completing the course.

Amanda Player – 6:02:09
Ralph Bernascone – 6:02:10

In Amanda’s words “Well it was a very tough 6 hours but glad we even finished. The chap who came 7th left in an ambulance with hypothermia. Even Ralph is missing the pub tonight!! Xx……Ralph ran with me all the way. I would not have made it without him.”

Congratulations for even taking part! There is a very good race report here which describes the day pretty well!