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Website Update

We launched the new website on January 25th, and I thought it worth publishing how we have been doing since then.

To give you the ‘raw’ numbers (‘cos they look impressive! :)) to date we have had:

4,134 visits to the site, from:

2,123 unique visitors, who viewed a total of:

12,475 pages, on average being:

3.02 pages per visit, which on average lasts for:

3 minutes 15 seconds 

The most popular pages are:

  1. Home Page
  2. News Pages
  3. Gallery
  4. Pub Runs
  5. Saturday Morning Blog
  6. Events

And for those ‘geeks’ out there, the most popular browsers have been:

  1. Safari (Apple)
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Chrome
  4. Firefox
  5. Android

And how people have accessed the site is from:

  1. Desktop (58%)
  2. Tablet (27%)
  3. Mobile (15%)

Thank you so much for visiting – come back soon, it’s constantly changing!