Brighton Marathon Results

Well done to everyone running yesterday – some very quick times indeed, especially Andy! A sub-3hr time only a fraction away, 82nd man home and 88th overall!

And a special mention to Terry who not only ran yesterday but also is running the London next week, his 25th consecutive London marathon!! Good luck from all of us Terry! And to Ben Haddrell who joined us in January, hadn’t been running very long, and agreed to accept the challenge of a Marathon only on 31st January – I hope that Ben will complete his blog telling us all of his experience!

Scores on the doors for people running as Henfield Joggers (There may be other Joggers running but not as Joggers, so if your time isn’t listed then just let make a Comment to this item and I will edit the text to insert you!):

Andy Massingale              03:02:26
Gary Wilkinson                 03:31:00
Dave English                   03:40:12
Ralph Bernascone            03:56:00
Marcus Dwyer                 04:05:44
Hugh Martin                    04:13:05
Natasha Heasman            04:28:34
Terry Smith                    04:41:04
Ben Haddrell                   05:11:19
Sarah Payne                   05:41:44
Lesley Besson                 05:53:49


5 Commentsto Brighton Marathon Results

  1. Gary Wilkinson says:

    I wanted to congratulate Andy on an awesome performance. He was flying at 21miles when i saw him by the Lagoon, looking very comfortable indeed. Well done Andy.Oh!and thanks for the Pint!

  2. Paul Crowe says:

    And well done to you Gary! Hope the pint tasted as good as it sounds!

  3. Dave English says:

    Well done all: firsts, PBs (mine was) & those who have already completed more marathons that I have or ever will. Special thanks to cheery & cheering Gayle at the cafe.

  4. Hugh Martin says:

    So close and yet so far – to sub-4 hours, that is. Fast times were expected from Andy and Gary, but what’s your secret, Dave?

  5. Dave English says:

    Sorry Hugh. I don’t specifically aim to improve at all. As every, I can only ever attribute what success I occasionally find to youth & inexperience :-^)

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