Saturday Morning Run 6th April

This is my suggested route on Saturday. It’s about 8.5 miles and I will be taking it slowly! Anyone not running the Brighton who would like a longer run, can easily extend it.

As always, any queries to:

6 April Route

6 April Route

2 Commentsto Saturday Morning Run 6th April

  1. Hugh Martin says:

    What a fantastic morning for a run – it actually seemed a bit like Spring at last. We ended up running about 9 miles, because everyone was enjoying the sun so much. Had it not been for the Brighton marathon next week, I would certainly have run much further.

  2. hj-admin says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Hugh, fantastic morning, cold but SUNNY, spring buds finally starting to appear. Saw four deer romping and leaping through a field. Great wide-ranging conversation as usual, ranging from the joy of a beautifully restored Mark 1 Escort RS (Andys), the joys of festivals (Mark), Silent Discos(Mark and Andy), One Direction gigs (Amanda)and……… dogging (er, Sue….!!!). Actually this was a conversation about people who watched a programme filmed by people filming other people filming people watching people do naughty things to each other ( NOT SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE OR YOUNG PEOPLE). The time flew by so much we actually set off for an 8 mile run that ended up being 9. But then Hugh WAS leading……..! A very gentle run just enjoying being out in the early weekend air. Even Gary joined us for a ‘soft’ one before his ‘gentle’ 12 mile taper run tomorrow before Brighton next weekend. Good luck everyone. Spring is a’coming!

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