Henfield Half Marathon Results 2016

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The rain held off on a blustery Sunday but some fantastic times were set.

Nikki, Scott and DaisyDog cranked the laptop up in Paul and Alison’s absence and produced the results. Any errors are down to lack of cake and tea supplies during this stressful task…

Henfield Half Marathon Results 2016

Well done to all of those who took part, and to those that helped support this event for Simon at the Henfield Leisure Centre.


Hedgehopper Fun Run

So currently unable to run due to injury, I decided to go along to today’s run in Portslade to cheer our runners in and discovered a whole different way to enjoy a fun run without getting out of breath!  As I am never anywhere near the front finishers it was a real eye opener to see what happens after a fun run has started and just how quickly the first finishers start coming in.  Our very own Andy Massingale finished in second place and as always, there were some strange looks from both Marshals and other runners as Henfield Joggers finished and then joined in very vocally to cheer their team members home.  Well done to everyone who took part as it certainly looked to be a very undulating course from where I was standing!

(Position/time/race number/name)
2 31:28 333 Andy Massingale
101 40:06 321 Fabian Kaelin
121 41:33 323 Derek Turrell
145 43:20 390 Alan Barwick
153 44:00 322 Duncan Blackburn
190 46:13 339 Kieran Lewer
218 47:50 337 Andy Ralph
219 47:51 329 Malcolm Wild
220 47:53 327 Paul Crowe
238 49:16 320 Danielle Kaelin
251 50:32 334 Tammy Simpson
260 51:06 338 Gill Hamilton-Orr
274 51:39 336 Alison Turner
278 52:05 332 Emma Smith
293 54:19 335 Liz Pamment
298 54:55 340 Louise Lewer
303 56:06 341 Lorna Winter

Andy M coming home in second place!
Andy M coming home in second place!
2015-05-10 11.30.51
Just checking to see if anyone is hot on his heels!
2015-05-10 12.01.38
Today’s brilliant Henfield Jogger Fun Runners!

Poppy Run Saturday 8th November

2014-11-08 11.32.02

So having signed up to do the Poppy Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon along Bexhill seafront on Saturday morning, it was a bit disconcerting to get an email on Friday to warn of ‘extreme winds’ forecast for the event!  well, the forecast was right and at times the wind knocked us sideways, showered us with sea spray and had deposited large amounts of shingle and sea foam on the promeade to run through.  However, it did stay dry and the sun did peak through at times which made both the sea and the run exhilarating.  Two minutes silence was followed by the quarter marathon runners heading out hotly followed by the half marahon runners around two slightly different routes. This course is virtually flat and is all run along the promenade and closed roads so potentially one to get PB’s in calmer conditions!  We were all very pleased with our times of 1.01, 1.59 and 2.08 and of the beautiful medals that we all received – definately one to do again!

2014-11-09 14.52.43


Half Marathon

Kieran Lewer       –      1:59:44

Louise Lewer       –      2:08:19

Quarter Marathon

Nikki Hargrave    –       1:01:10

Mick Dee            –       1:07:06

Cynthia Dee        –       1:45:01



Rodeo Mark

Here it is…the photograchic evidence from the very serious Saturday morning runs!


Warrior Run Report By Louise Muller

The Warrior Run

Sunday 5th October 2014 saw the Warrior Run described as ‘The South Coast’s Toughest Run’.  Back in April I was stupid enough to put my name down to join the Gatwick Mafia Assault Course Team in running the Warrior Run in Albourne for Cancer Reasearch.  I had done assault course runs in the past but nothing had prepared me for what lie ahead, more than 30 obstacles over a 6K course including hauling logs and tractor tyres, deep rivers and ditches, 8ft walls, tunnels, webs and monkey bars.  As our 50 strong team queued up at the start of the run the butterflies in my tummy started to flutter, then we were off, straight down a bank and into freezing cold chest deep water, what a shock!

Out over the straw bales and a long run to the next obstacles, these were the dirt mounds, not too bad I thought, this is going well.  We got to the log pile where I managed to find a twig to carry, got through the next few obstacles with no problem, over the 8ft walls where luckily my height was an advantage!

Then onto the tunnels, where unfortunately my height was very much a disadvantage, there was no way I could crawl through these so had to drag my body along the floor through the mud in the pitch black, getting out of these tunnels proved difficult and suffice to say I looked like I was being birthed!

On and on we went up and down hills, through streams, up the climbing ropes and to the end, the last obstacle was probably the worst for me, it was a skip full of ice and water for which we had to swim under, I managed to drag myself over the finish line absolutely exhausted in 1hr 17secs.  Still recovering now and covered in bruises I can honestly say it was the hardest but most fun run I’ve ever done, my friend even enjoyed it despite breaking two fingers!