Remembering Brian Turrell

Sadly this year we have lost two active Henfield Joggers in Rob Thornton and Brian Turrell. Both are much missed and live on in our memories. Brian had a huge affinity for what is officially known as Eaton’s Bridge, partly because he lived in Ashurst so this was his route to Henfield but also because of his endless conspiracy theories when the old bridge was closed (it was just a precursor to removing the bridge completely and closing the footpath…) which entertained us no end, and to all of us this is, and will always be “Turrell Bridge” (or just Brian’s Bridge). We all felt this needed to be marked for posterity, and with the permission of WSCC we obtained a plaque, with words agreed by Brian’s family. This morning Mark Skilton has put this in place, in the centre of the bridge, looking downstream towards the sea.In times other than they are right now we would have done this as a mass event, but we are where we are and sadly having a mass of people grouped together right now is just impossible.

What we CAN do though is pay our respects in our own way. I’m planning an article for BN5 and as we can’t have a group photo right now, it would be great to have a montage of as many people as we can with the plaque in view, adhering to social distancing regulation of course. Just share your pictures by emailing them to: and I’ll do the rest.

I’m sure that at some future point we’ll have a suitable gathering down there, but in the meantime, the plaque is there for all to see.