Henfield Joggers return to Wednesday night Club runs

Following all England Athletics guidelines the club have appointed a COVID19 Coordinator for Henfield Joggers, someone experienced in Health and Safety, who has completed the required risk assessments, and created a framework that enables us to return to Club runs.

Below is a summary of the main control measures and guidelines he recommended we put in place that members need to be aware of:

1. Running groups should be no larger than 6 individuals. And those individuals must maintain adequate social distancing at all times (before, during AND after the run). More than 1 group of 6 may meet for an organised run but they must set off at least 5 minutes apart and thought should be given to setting the faster group off first so groups do not meet on the route. While England Athletics guidelines actually allow us to have larger groups we are acutely aware of not just safety but also the reputational impact on Henfield Joggers as an organisation if people see large groups running around the local area.

2. Names will be taken of all members turning up to a Club Run in order to comply with necessary Trace & Trace regulations.

3. Routes will be planned in advance and will be designed to avoid pinch points and gates/styles. Obviously this is not 100% avoidable given the rural nature of most routes locally and members should be aware of these pinch points in advance and not let the group ‘bunch up’. Social distancing must be maintained at all times during the run both for the safety of members and also for the local perception of Henfield Joggers. Routes will be sent out prior to the run by the organising committee.

4. Runs should start and finish at a known and familiar outdoor location, in our case it will always be Henfield Leisure centre car park.

5. Face coverings should be worn when socialising or conversing with other runners before and/or after the activity. Face coverings do not need to be worn whilst running.

6. It is advised that members bring a small bottle of anti-bacterial gel (or similar) with them for use before and after touching any gates or styles that may be on route. Additionally a first aid kit will be brought by at least one member of the group. A first aid kit will be provided by Henfield Joggers.

7. While our normal routine is to wait for the final group, because that’s what we always do, we need to avoid being in a large group. Therefore we should disperse as each group returns (obviously unless waiting for someone in another group). We need to be aware of how being in a large group would appear to others.

8. We will keep the route to the same one each week, at least for the moment.

Risk Assessments and other documentation can be found here: