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April Handicap Results

You can find the April Handicap results here. It has emerged that there are small errors in the January and March results, and these are now updated.  Jenny Backshall had an unreal ‘best previous time’ calculated, giving her an unusually demanding target time to beat.  In correction, her target time is corrected, and she earns an extra 2 points from each of those races.  Unfortunately Alison, Eb, Emma and Sian each lose one point to balance this.

As a consequence of the heavy rains in March, the April run was switched to the Winter route (except that Bob Wallace chose to follow the Summer route, and reported running along the wet river bank, between a high water level in the river, and flooded meadows alongside, as the land water was unable to escape into the river.)

For the present, the overall results show the summations using the conventional split between Winter and Summer routes.  Historically, there has not been a visible difference in timings between the routes.

—next Wednesday, Andy will timekeep the Handicap, as Chris shall be out, as a beginner, on the beginners’ course. Unless the predicted rain affects the course, we shall be using the SUMMER route, which you can find here as a refresher of the course.