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Marathon places availability

Hello everybody……in recent years Sussex Athletics have given Clubs one or two entries to the Brighton Marathon which we have always struggled to hand out at the AGM as no one is interested by this time, since anyone wanting a place is already in.

The news this year is that Sussex Athletics are NOT giving any out. However any individual member of England Athletics has an entry guaranteed, which will cost you £69.50. If you are a) A paid up member of England Athletics and b) Want an entry, then you must contact me as only I can complete your entry.

For the majority who are NOT England Athletics members…………I am getting an average of one Charity appeal a week for someone to run Brighton for them. I haven’t bothered circulating these because…….I haven’t been able to give our own places away each year!!

However, IF anyone IS suddenly interested in Brighton AND is prepared to pay and also raise money (the most recent one was £50 entry plus a minimum of £300 fundraising, to give you an idea) then again, let me know and I’ll connect you.

I am waiting to hear about the situation regarding London Marathon places and will inform everyone as soon as I know. I have made an application and have been promised a response and  hopefully confirmation by 28th November, if not sooner.