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Share your story about starting running?

As we approach the start of the new Start Running course several people have mentioned how scary it is when you start out, how nervous people will be, and how we should do whatever we can to set their minds at rest. Not all of us are young stallions champing at the bit to burn energy for whom running is just an outlet or a goal, many people taking up running are doing so for health reasons, lifestyle changes etc. For these people the transition can be quite stressful and worrying.

Therefore we’ve created a page where people can share their own personal stories and allow potential members a glimpse of what ‘it’ was/is like. And maybe even interact and ask questions.

Some have already shared their experience – will you share yours? You can read their stories here – I will add more to this page as they come. Don’t be shy – email me your story at: and I will do the rest. If you’d like to ask questions or leave comments, just do so on the Comments section of this page.