Henfield Half Marathon Results

Those of us unable to run the Hove Hornets ‘Stinger’ Fun Run this morning were helping out at the Henfield Half Marathon which our ‘home base’ Henfield Leisure Centre arrange each year. With 226 entries for a ‘late-midsummer’ trail run, this is a popular event despite being hit by heavy rain, the temperature ranging from mad hot when the sun was out, to pretty cool when it rained! Despite this 200 sometimes bedraggled runners came home in some very respectable times indeed. I’m always impressed at how far people travel to take part in this one, with Clubs in Kent and Hampshire coming along, as well as even as far as York!

As always many thanks to everyone who helped organise, marshal, timekeep or ‘result’ – it takes a lot of people to make something like this happen, and great teamwork to make it happen like clockwork!

Below are a couple of video clips from Simon Funnell flying his drone near the Cat & Canary and the finish line (briefly – the batteries ran out!).

Results are below – any queries then please email enquiries@henfieldjoggers.co.uk. The results are also available on the Henfield Leisure Centre website!

Henfield Half Marathon Results August 2015

And some nice feedback too:

A big thank you to everyone that helped out with the run.

I really appreciate it.

Thanks again

Simon Thompson – HLC

Just wanted to say thank you for laying on a fabulous route and marshalled so well. You could have arranged the weather to have been perfect as the route and the organisation 😉 thank you I really enjoyed it and the value puts other events I have done to shame.


Thanks everyone and thanks to the marshalls who gave up their Sunday morning. Big shout out to the marshall around 11 miles who had a sneaky can of Fosters on the go. Made me smile. Matthew Garrett-Dyke

Hmmmm – Mile 11 – let me see – Brian Bracey perhaps?

Thanks everyone. So blimmin’ chuffed we did it! Thoroughly recommend it as a course – really pretty and marshalls were all lovely despite the rain. Happy Sunday! Chloe Garrett-Dyke

Amazing value & great fun! Claire Denny

I’d totally recommend as a nice and very good value event with notably good marshalling Jack Chivers

4 Commentsto Henfield Half Marathon Results

  1. Steve Light says:

    Great event, glad I did it & really enjoyed it despite the weather, marshalls were all great, I hope I thanked you all, if not THANKS !! It was very well signed & organized. Highly recommended for next year !

  2. Barry Chisholm says:

    Huge thanks to everyone involved in this great half marathon. I had a nightmare journey down from Islington by public transport where everything was late and I didn’t actually arrive at the leisure centre until about 10-40. The lady on the registration desk issued my number very quickly and efficiently and gave me very good initial course directions until I reached the first Marshall. After that very good marshalling ensured that I stayed on track until I managed to catch up with the other runners. First class organisation, great value and a beautiful course as well.
    Thanks again.
    Barry Chisholm

  3. smoggypaul says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback both of you. Barry one person started last year as we were walking back from the start, which I thought was impressive. But you were a good 10 minutes behind the start so you impressed us even more as you ran past us to the start line – and still did a good time! Must have been tempting to just go to the pub – runners eh! Thank you for coming such a distance 🙂

  4. smoggypaul says:

    From Brian Bracey: Guilty to the “sneaky can of Fosters” but it was after twelve after all, my comments on marshalling are “ try to make it fun to marshal as after all you are stuck there for up to 3 hours so I also take along a football fans rattle to cheer up those soggy wet runners and if I recognise a club vest use the club name in the “well done “ blurb, it’s surprising how this cheers up the competitor

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