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Bluebell 10 mile race report

So today was the Raw Energy Pursuits 10 mile and 10km Bluebell Trail run in Angmering. I foolishly went for the 10 miler although was sorely tempted to switch to the 10k when I saw weather reports a few days ago!

Pre race information and contact was great with a nice map of the route and a rather scary looking course profile….with total ascent of 875ft and overall a very undulating course.

The weather forecast the few days leading up to the race didn’t bode well, with thunderstorms and rain forecasted…but luckily it all blew away and I was left with just an overcast slightly windy morning.

Quite a small field of runners – under 300 meant the start was swift, and despite huddling in the middle of the group, before the end of the 1st mile I was at the back with only about 10 runners behind me! So…not wanting to be totally last – this did motivate me to keep lifting those legs on all the hills 😄 and minimised how often I stopped to take pictures!

It really is a beautiful course with 2 sections running through woods with bluebells and some wonderful views all around with plenty of lush green grass and pheasants just milling around.

There was one slightly scary moment….I was admiring the views and then noticed a 11herd of young cows up on a hill just above me and was thinking how cute they all looked…then suddenly the whole herd just charged down the hill and charged across the road in front of us runners. One runner was so spooked she literally threw herself over a fence to prevent getting stomped on!! No idea what spooked them, but just shows you def have to have your wits about you on the country runs 😄

I was expecting the hills to be worse than they were – except the very last very steep one right before the finish line (that’s just cruel). I think our Saturday morning runs have definitely paid off as I managed to run up all the hills – even if some were quite slow!, including the nasty climb to the finish.

Got a nice shout out from the commentator man at the finish for Henfield Joggers, although I think he prob just felt sorry for me with my dripping wet body and bright purple face staggering over the finish line 😄

Definitely a race for the calendar if you like the countryside and the bluebells. No medal, but you do get free photos and a yummy Cliff bar at the end 👍🏻

Finished in 1:51 was was far better than I expected – Lorna