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Lewes 10k Race Report by Lesley Kilner (plus Results)

I wasn’t sure about running this after my longest ever run on Saturday. (Just for the record I don’t need increase my distance every time I run on a Saturday now pleeeese – I’m happy at 13 miles or less guys). Everything conspired against me ‘wussing out’. My hip & knee pain from Saturday had magically disappeared, I wasn’t needed to help out a friend as I had half promised and we arrived early so parking wasn’t an issue. I couldn’t even escape out of the stadium Danielle had spotted me as soon as I got a toe on the grass.

It was a beautiful morning, well actually it was a bit too warm for my leggings & multiple layers. One of these days I’ll get it right. The nicest thing about running with the Joggers is the chit chat beforehand, less time to worry about getting round.

All too soon it was time to run. I’m getting better at not hareing off & the size of the field & the bit of a bottle neck at the start worked in my favour. I was horrified at the 1km marker to realise the distance was probably going to be indicated all the way round. I’d much rather run in blind ignorance & be surprised by the finish line. Hey ho it wasn’t to be, BUT I had several of the iconic green jerseys in front of me which gave me something to aim for.

It is a lovely run and I was glad I’d asked what sort of shoes I should wear as there is probably more hard surface than field running. I had no time to appreciate yet another area of Sussex that is new to me. I’m so glad when you run close to people who are having a conversation, if you are nosy like me you can forget the effort of putting one foot in front of the other until they leave you in their wake. My least favourite part of the run was the uphill section between mile 3-4. I’m sure that most people didn’t even think about it being a “hill” but in true Lesley style I walked for a few paces close to the top, then gave myself a pep talk.

The marshals were friendly and there was a little girl of about 8 who was doing her best to encourage us all. I needed it at that stage as I’d just been overtaken by a chap who looked to be all of 80. Now it’s all over I thoroughly enjoyed the run and would recommend it other novices. My lesson from today was if it is fine take water. I was parched by the end. Equally I need to remember that I’ve never been a sprinter & getting onto the track and legging it is never going to work for me. I was taking another walking break on the final bend of the track when I was roundly scolded by a photographer who told me that I hadn’t finished my race. Oh well one last push if you insist and then there were the Joggers shouting you home.

Six months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed I would be running regularly and enjoying it. Thank you Joggers.



41:08 Tom Brown
42:20 Ben Brown
46:41 Ralph Bernascone
48:45 Mark Friend-James
49:31 Fabian Kaelin
51:01 Lotte Vasby
52:09 Peter Robinson
52:41 Dave Razzell
53:34 Duncan Blackburn
54:20 Nikki Hargrave
54:22 Kieran Lewer
56:36 Danielle Kaelin
56:37 Amanda Player
56:53 Paul Crowe
57:34 Brian Turrell
57:37 Colin Clegg
57:40 Les Kilner
58:31 Malcolm Wild
1:01:59 Tammy Simpson
1:02:01 Andy Massingale
1:02:10 Emma Smith
1:02:40 Andy Ralph
1:05:19 Lorna Winter
1:05:19 Amanda Kianfor
1:05:46 Louise Lewer
1:06:54 Fiona Turton
1:07:36 Helen Puxley
1:39:17 Cynthia Dee