Kinesiology Feedback Requested

Hi guys and girls,
                          Thank you for coming along to see me at Henfield Leisure Centre last Wednesday. It was a great opportunity for me to get some practice in taping different areas of the body and not too many sticky moments lol, couldn’t resist the pun.
So it has been 5 days now and a number of you have completed Brighton’s half marathon since, Congratulations. Could you please spare a few minutes to write and tell me your feedback about your RockTaping? A few pointers as to what I would like to hear about.
1) Was pain reduced in the taped area? If yes to what extent.
2) Did the tape cause any skin irritation?
2) Did the tape peel off anywhere?
3) How long did you keep the tape on?
4) Would you use RockTape again?
Any feedback is helpful whether positive or negative.
It is my intention to offer taping prior to the Henfield 9 mile event and possibly massage for post event. There will be a small fee/donation required this time to cover the cost of the tape.
Hopefully I’ll see you again soon. Keep on running!
Health & Happiness,
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