Brighton Half Marathon

Well I’ve run it a few times but never marshalled this (or in fact any other major event) before so today was a new experience. Danielle and I both volunteered as marshals (with a Facebook running group called Bosh Run, well worth finding and quite complementary to Henfield Joggers). So Dani and my days started very early with a 6.30am drive to Brighton, followed by a 30 minute walk to our respective assembly points along the route in time for a 7.30am briefing. It was -3c in Henfield and not much warmer on the sea front, but a stunning, cloudless morning. Dani was around the Thistle Hotel so got to see runners coming back to finish at about the 12 and a half mile mark, as well as seeing them out at about 7 miles, whereas I was out near Brunswick Square so only saw everyone running out to Hove Lagoon, as the return route was 50m away on the sea front. So we saw everyone (mostly) running the race – it’s actually really hard trying to spot individuals among what turned out to be 7,666 official finishers!

Fantastic times everyone – a great morning for running (followed by a ‘not so great afternoon for running! How lucky were we all with the weather??). Let me know if any corrections are needed in the results below as I’ve simply taken them from the official results page and corrected names where I know they are different.

Next year I’d strongly recommend Marshalling as an option for anyone not running this – very humbling to see the effort put in by so many, the determination on peoples faces (especially at the rear of the field – fantastic grit!).

Gary Wilkinson                  01:30:32
Derek Tyrrell                     01:32:07
Ralph Bernascone              01:38:35
Marcus Dwyer                    01:44:22
Steve Lester                      01:47:10
Lotte Moller Vasby             01:47:32
Fabian Kaelin                    01:48:47
Simon Funnell                   01:53:58
Hugh Martin                      01:54:28
Steve Robinson                 01:55:00
Colin Clegg                       01:57:05
Ilidia Campbell                  01:58:00

Kieran Lewer                     02:11:00