Lido 4 2015 Race Report

Wow. What an amazing turnout with 26 runners on the day. For those of you that haven’t ever run the Worthing Harriers Lido 4 miler it’s an out-and-back, flat-as-a-pancake, pretty-much-all-tarmac race along Worthing seafront. For those of you that ran last year and remember the awful weather, this year’s conditions were fantastic. Yes a little chilly to start with, but the sun was shining and considering we were running along the coast the wind was almost non-existent.

We were all in good spirits as we met to give out numbers and ensure that most people were wearing the club uniform. It was wonderful to see some of our newer members turn out ready, for some, their first race as a Henfield Jogger.

The field was large with a total of 724 runners. We set off to the sound of gun fire, which made me for one jump out of my skin. Although this race is a relatively ‘easy’ flat race, what is very difficult is once you turn, those last two miles seem so very very long. Especially as you can see Worthing Pier, but it doesn’t seem to ever get any closer!

All our runners did fantastically well with more than one PB. The provisional results can be seen below.

We were lucky to have had Brian Spiers who took some lovely pictures of us as we were running and also a team photo at the end. Thanks to all runners who hung around for the team photo, it’s really good to catch up at the end.

A special mention to Peter Thomas, who you wont see on our results as unfortunately he turned up at the wrong part of the seafront and missed the race. Luckily he made it for the most important part, the after race photo and coffee.

You’ll see I have included in the results the points awarded. Every Jogger that takes part can earn points for the club regardless of how fast you run. It’s super to see that, at present, we are number one improved club. That is thanks to all you wonderful runners who give up a few hours on a Sunday to represent your club and it is really appreciated. Hope to see you all, plus maybe some more people at the next race in February!

TIME        RACE NO        NAME                          GENDER POSTION             POINTS

24:35 650 Tom Brown M 22 10
26:03 651 Ben Brown M 51 9
27:32 653 Marcus Carter M 87 8
28:55 639 Mark Friend-James M 128 6
28:59 637 Fabian Kaelin M 131 6
31:02 119 Dave Razzell M 178 4
31:50 636 Danielle Kaelin F 64 8
33:40 657 Malcom Wild M 227 3
33:41 643 Nikki Hargrave F 100 7
35:35 645 Lauren Burt F 145 5
36:04 656 Les Kilner F 151 5
37:15 200 George Baldwin M 259 2
37:48 640 Amanda Kianfor F 186 4
38:03 199 Harriet Hamilton-Orr F 190 4
38:18 646 Gill Hamilton-Orr F 197 4
38:21 644 Emma Smith F 198 4
38:22 661 Sue Spiers F 199 4
38:23 642 Alison Turner F 200 3
39:00 647 Liz Pamment F 215 3
39:18 649 Lorna Winter F 219 3
39:35 648 Laura Pamment F 223 3
43:54 641 Cathy Walker F 258 1
44:55 655 Nic Collins M 288 1
45:04 654 Suzie James F 266 1
45:47 663 Alex Hills F 269 1
46:23 638 katie palmer F 270 1

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