Hangover 5 Race Report

We had a fantastic turnout at the infamous Hangover 5 on New Years Day. It wasn’t the best weather, a bit over cast and windy but considering the freezing weather we have had over the last few weeks it really wasn’t too bad.

The title of the race was perfect for Paul as he had been on the sherbets until 4am and was suffering somewhat. He showed true dedication by turning up, still with a smile on his face, despite the sore head.

The course its self is quite challenging. There was a lot of up before we got much in the way of down with mud, chalk, mud and more mud to contend with.

It was wonderful to see so many of our green tops being worn, and also lovely to get a team picture with Mick Dee.


43:34 Mark Friend-James

45:07 Fabian Kaelin

45:13 Kieron Lewer

48:38 Danielle Kaelin

48:49 Nikki Hargrave

52:06  Paul Crowe

54:58 Fiona Turton

55:46 Gill Hamilton-Orr

55:57 Sue Spiers

56:55 Alison Turner

57:00 Louise Lewer

57:33 Liz Pamment

60:51 Michael Dee


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