Full Grand Prix results for 2014

The Crowborough 10k completed the 2014 series of Grand Prix races, and congratulations must go (again) to Mick and Cynthia Dee, our most distant members from up in Forest Row, who once again competed in more races than any other Henfield Jogger, by some considerable, vast, margin!

Jenny Cobby completes a race report and results for every event, and you can find all of these on our own Sussex Grand Prix page.

So, just to explain a little more, the Sussex Grand Prix is the main road race competition for runners and running clubs in Sussex, and all races score points for members of Sussex Athletics affiliated running clubs that have become members of the Sussex Grand Prix, such as Henfield Joggers.


In general terms runners score points based on their finishing position at selected races. Points are awarded according to the runner’s finishing position, 1st place earns 500 points, 2nd place 499, and so on. The scoring is separate for males and females. Individual’s point’s totals are obtained from a runner’s best 8 scoring races. These 8 races must include at least 2 races of 10 miles or more, (runners over 70 and under 18 will not have to run 2 long races).

Runner’s individual points allocation also form the team scores for each club; the top 10 men and 5 ladies are counted.

The complete list of races for 2015 and links to each race will be found on our Events page once the 2015 schedule has been released.

For more information, Jenny Cobby is the Henfield Joggers representative for the Grand Prix and can be contacted at: Jenny would love to see more Henfield Joggers representation at these events next year, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want more information as she knows each of these races inside out!