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Fun Run League 2014 Club Result

Not everyone realises that the ‘fun runs’ (yes, I know they’re not all exactly ‘fun’ in the way we might think!) actually form part of a League, the West Sussex Fun Run League, of 18 Clubs, including Henfield Joggers.

After several years of decline to the point of finishing rock bottom, I’m pleased to say that we’ve had something of a revival, finishing 16th (see full table below).

Now for this thanks must go to everyone who has taken part in any of the Fun Runs during 2014, every single one of you earned points, and those accumulate. To illustrate the huge difference between last year and this year, take a look at the following table, which simply shows the year on year improvement. Henfield Joggers finished third, which just shows how much we have improved:


Apart from thanking everyone who took part, sometimes on cold and wet, windy days, and many times wondering what on earth you’d agreed to when you said ‘yes’ one Wednesday evening in a weak moment (yes, I KNOW that feeling too you know!) I’d like to single out Liz and Gill who really promoted this and encouraged everyone to just ‘have a go’, and of course introduced the ‘cake rating’ that will be in use in 2015!!

I’d also like to mention Danielle for her enthusiasm, in fact so much enthusiasm that I’m handing over the mantle of ‘Fun Run coordinator’ to her for the 2015 season! So ‘Paulie Gradings’ give way to ‘Dani Ratings’! But I won’t be far away and hope to see you all at more of these events next year than ever before! Thank you all so much, and maybe see you at the Hangover 5 on New Years Day???