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Latest Handicap Results

Yes I know you’ve all been waiting for these – the new, up to the minute, sooper-duper Handicap Results! Taraaaaaa! And well done to Emma, Nikki and Liz who maintain their lead – will it continue??- Click here for the full list. Note that they have been fully revised in the light of Chris’ information – see below:

I have found two problems with the Handicap results from this Spring, and as a result, updated results are now posted on the website.  The changes are:

First, with an apology to Kim Murfin, who has correctly pointed out that she returned to the Handicap in April, having not taken part during the previous year, 2013, so that her previous times should no longer be used in calculating her target time.  I had not so removed her previous results, so giving her an unreasonably demanding target.  In correcting this, Kim’s points awarded in May and June have increased (particularly in June), and some other runners points have slid down slightly.

Secondly, a serious error crept into the table of points awarded up to the June handicap.  The June points appeared in the table, but were not included in calculation of the totals of points for the summer handicaps, and for the cumulative score.  (The spreadsheet was somehow corrupted, and had lost the formulae used to carry out the summations, and only contained previous and new values.)  The results have now been corrected when also adding the September results.

Chris Bradfield