It’s taken a while…

Apologies for how long it has taken me to update the blog. It was originally due to the fact I was without internet for several months due to ‘speak/speak’ taking a ridiculous amount of time to transfer us to our new address and then secondly I am afraid well…. life got in the way.

 So what’s happened this year? Well, in March I took part in the Henfield 9 Miler. It was an interesting race, a nice local course and I came, well basically last. Now, I know that someone has to come last, and why shouldn’t it be me? But unfortunately I really let it dent my confidence. I started to avoid all long runs on a Saturday and felt myself getting more and more frustrated at being at the back and feeling like every mile was a struggle.

 But that’s what is so wonderful about being part of a club or team such as the Henfield Joggers… I eventually spoke to the lovely Mark about my running woes and after a suitable ‘get over yourself/think positive’ pep talk I realised that 50% of my problem was now mental. I thought I couldn’t get faster and couldn’t do better and it had become a self-fulfilling prophecy. So I decided to give myself a challenge…..The South Downs Relay 2015. This year, I wasn’t picked for the team quite rightly as I was and still am far too slow. But next year I am determined to be there. Fabian and I marshalled for them in June and it was such a great team atmosphere I really felt I wanted to be part of this relay team.


 So since making that decision I have started adding in a lone run on Mondays. Before I joined the HJ’s I would always run on my own so I thought it may be worth adding in a run where I have no distractions and must push myself. These runs aren’t nearly so much fun as the runs I do with my fellow Joggers but I have chosen my own 3 mile route and have to date shaven 5 minutes off of my time. I have also tried, whilst out on HJ runs not to have such a defeatist attitude and really try to keep up with the front runners such as Hugh, Brian, Mark and Amanda. Slowly but surely I feel like my running is improving and thus so is my confidence. As I have mentioned before- I wasn’t built for running and it certainly doesn’t come naturally to me but I guess like anything you have to work hard at it. I am just so lucky to have found such a lovely group of runners to enjoy it all with.

 So after only a year as a HJ member I am giving myself some challenges for 2015.

 1. To take part in the South Down Relay

 2. To run a Marathon… all 26 bloomin’ miles

 3. To beat or at least match Fabian in a fun run (Yes, I am aware of how unrealistic this one is!)

 4. To take part in the 3 Peaks Challenge with fellow Henfield Joggers (Not strictly running related but still for a great cause!)

 So if you can bare reading my ramblings I will try to keep you updated on how the training goes for all of these challenges.

How bad can it be?!?!?!  😉

I have signed up for a Half Marathon in a months time. Starting the 2015 training early.