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Henfield Half Marathon

An unusual occurrence at the Henfield Half today was that a film was being shot as part of the race. Agreed by the organiser, (Simon at the Henfield Leisure Centre) a film crew from Cambridge University Press, complete with flying drone camera (I kid you not! They even had a ‘bear in the air!’), did some filming as part of a plot for an English language course film. It involved a runner (Race number 101 by the way) who was filmed at the start and finish! Only two Henfield Joggers in todays race due to a clash with Tilgate (see separate report) but lots of support all over the place:

Duncan Blackburn – 1:55:39
Denis Muirden       – 2:20:25

Danielle got some video footage of the start and photo’s of the ‘drone’ – see below:

Half3 Half2