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Highdown Hike, Results & Partridge

On a warm, clear Sussex evening we had a Jiggle of Joggers (I reckon thats an appropriate word for a group of Joggers? Isn’t it???) at Highdown, Goring – in fact checking back in the records on the ‘West Sussex Fun Run League’ website this is the largest group we’ve had for this race since 2008 – the earliest record available online! And all wearing ‘skool uniform’ (well, almost all!) too. Results will be published as soon as they’re available but especially lovely to see Alison and Lorna on their second week as members and out enjoying the experience of this great run. Slight hiccup (nearly hiccup!) at the start as we were all so busy taking the photo at the top of the hill that we ‘nearly’ underestimated how far down the hill the Start actually was! A stroll downhill ended in a run to beat the Starter, already making his safety briefing – and the road was packed with 400 runners, and deep ditches either side! We squeezed in where we could – and then off we went almost immediately. That first uphill is very slow because the path is so narrow that unless you’re at the front, you are forced to walk (or in my case even stand waiting!) for the route to clear. The views on top were, as always, magnificent – out towards Portsmouth and IoW clear as anything – if you could see from the sweat dripping down – it was warm work! Mis-heard quote of the evening (or the Year!) award goes to Natasha – she heard me follow a nice comment to the marshals at one corner, who were really great, with what I ACTUALLY said “Gotta rate the marshals” becoming, in her ears “Gotta RAPE the marshals”. My how we laughed and laughed as we whiled away the downhill trot, acutely aware that we had to go back up again TWICE yet!

Wonderful run, great event, well marshalled and a superb evening all round – although Mandy told me afterwards that I was WRONG and that this was WORSE than Roundhill Romp!!!! Its a matter of opinion, I did say there wasn’t much in it! Sorry Mandy!!

And congratulations to everyone who ran, and to Andy who finished 10th overall, from a  record field of 450, and a record number of 421 finishers! And of course to new members Lorna and Alison running their first ‘Fun Run’, and to Tammy who also completed her own ‘first fun run’! The ‘Hike’ isn’t the easiest – congratulations and a virtual medal!


Meanwhile, with peak holiday season in full flow we were still able to field a second group running from The Partridge, who seemed to have a nice time without us but got recruited by the Morris Men later – if I hear any faint jingles the next time we’re all out, I’m running, VERY fast indeed, the opposite way!

Thanks to Dave, who found this great video on You Tube of the start of the race – see how many Joggers you can spot? Had we delayed for ‘one more photo’ this is what would have faced us as we trotted down the road to the Start!!!!!

RESULTS (Full results on the WSFRL League website here)

26:14 Andy Massingale
31:27 Gary Wilkinson
32:36 Marcus Dwyer
34:34 Fabian Kaelin
37:17 Simon Funnell
38:05 Dave Razzell
39:07 Kieran Lewer
39:11 Bob Wallace
39:29 Adrian Williams
41:12 Brian Turrell
42:17 Natasha Heasman
42:18 Danielle Kaelin
43:50 Paul Crowe
44:51 Alison Keeler
45:06 Louise Lewer
45:18 Joyce Blundell
45:31 Nikki Hargrave
45:33 Tammy Simpson
46:28 Lorna Winter
47:38 Louise Muller
47:46 Amanda Kianfor