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Roundhill Romp aftermath & Results

Sounds like a great evening, and a great ‘nearly all the team!’ photo from Dave below, but here are the results:

37:15 Andy Massingale
42:35 Gary Wilkinson
45:15 Ralph Bernascone
47:12 Fabian Kaelin
49:54 Simon Funnell
49:59 Amanda Player
52:04 Dave Razzell
52:45 Bob Wallace
53:01 Guy Gibson
55:10 Richard Knight
55:55 Brian Turrell
57:42 Mark Skilton
57:43 Emma Skilton
57:45 Joyce Blundell
57:45 Danielle Kaelin
1:02:34 Michael Dee
1:03:00 Amanda Kianfor
1:05:42 Nikki Hargrave
1:05:44 Lesley Besson

Well done everyone – look forward to getting some comments from people, Nikki has already written a great post which you can read here, especially those doing this for the first time and what they thought of the wonderful ‘hill’! And special congratulations to Andy, who was 10th overall!

Simon and I overtook each other 4 times during the race but Simon had a brilliant sprint finish. Even if I’d seen him coming, I wouldn’t have stood a chance!