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Saturday Morning 28th June 2014

Right then, this is the agreed plan for Saturday after general discussion at Wednesday evenings meet at the Shepherd & Dog……..8am at the Leisure Centre as usual, then we’re heading down to Shoreham, along the river. At Shoreham, Mr & Mrs Kaelin have kindly arranged transport for all back to HLC. How far? Danielle thinks 11 miles, just doesn’t seem that distance, and of course it won’t feel it with the good company and vibes we’ll all be sharing – but let’s see! Of course if anyone WANTS to turn around and run back to Henfield, feel free! Any questions, just leave a Comment on this post. Oh, and as Hugh is away somewhere furtively walking (or should that be walking furtively?) and we don’t have a map for this route, at HUUUGE expense I’ve commissioned a high-resolution map of the route below – we’ll be expecting Hugh to keep this high standard up when he returns! Saturday