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Hangover 5 ‘Revisited’ Results

Well done to the three Joggers who completed this event, moved from January

1st due to truly awful weather! Brian came in ahead but many congratulations to Katie and Millie on completing their first Fun Run, and one of the tougher events to boot! Hope everyone enjoyed it.

Brian Griffiths  51:08
Katie Bremner 54:03
Millie Webb      59:05

Me and Millie both really enjoyed it! Although

the hills were really tough which meant my calves were killing (also due to the fact I kept slipping from side to side as I didn’t have proper trainers!) it was great. Really good but of course hard run! Definitely see why you rank it a 3 (or whatever the toughest one is) in you’re Paul rank scale! Hopefully we’ll do it next year and I’ll get a better time

– (I’m quite competitive!)

Katie Bremner

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