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Foxtrot 5 & Cranleigh15/21 Review

On a fabulous day of blue skies and strong sunshine we Joggers seemed to be everywhere. The Foxtrot 5 mile ‘Fun Run’ down at Shoreham led us along the banks of the Adur, beneath Tiger Moths labouring into the air above our heads from Shoreham Airport. Despite some unavoidable last minute dropouts and Lesleys sad pullout during the race due to injury, we were still comfortably greater in numbers than at any time lately. And that counted, as we finished in 15th place, not last for a change, above Arena 80, Worthing and Southwick. Hey, its a big improvement, don’t knock it!

Michele Longmore 38:12
Brian Turrell 40:08
Rob Thornton 40:14
Paul Crowe 42:49
Gill Hamilton-Orr 43:35
Liz Pamment 48:46
Nikki Hargrave 51:18
Louise Muller 52:32
Brian Bracey 57:53

Thanks to everyone for a great morning!


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Cranleigh 15/21

Really lovely day, but a rubbish run at Cranleigh. I was just not up for it and never got into the zone. Back started hurting after a few miles and I thought about pulling out at 9 miles, but 4 Neurofen helped me struggle round 15 – no desire to do another 6! Need to get my back sorted before the marathon. Finished just ahead of Jackie who had a cold. Ilidia, on the other hand, was going like a train and just beat 3 hours for the 21.

Hugh Martin


15 Miles

Hugh Martin    02:22:17
Jackie Parsons 02:22:25

21 Miles
Ilidia Campbell 03:00:01
Terry Smith    03:57:06